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June 18th

The 30 Day Somatic Practice Challenge 

30 days of somatic practices to regulate your nervous system, process stuck emotions and release stored tension & trauma

Learn a series of:

✔️ Polyvagal exercises

✔️ Somatic practices

✔️ Yin poses and

✔️ Mindfulness techniques to...


Relieve anxiety & overwhelm while promoting mind-body connection, improving your mood and helping you feel more present and safe in your life again.

Image by Dane Wetton

30 Day Somatic Healing Challenge

What to expect:

Each day you will receive instructions and a guided video straight to your inbox.

At the end of our challenge you will receive an e-book with all the practices compiled PLUS bonus daily practice classes for:

✔︎ Full body release

✔︎ Unlocking the hips - release sequence

✔︎ Freeing your neck, shoulders & back while opening your heart & chest

Your practices are bite-sized, requiring less than 15 minutes a day to complete.

... or come along to just the first 5 days free - Sign up below

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Sign up to join the first 5 days of the challenge below

and receive word when membership opens if you want to participate in the full 30 days

If you are a full member you do not need to sign up - you are automatically enrolled for free

Why Somatic Practice?

Our nervous system communicates via emotions and somatic sensations, not through language.


Trauma and emotions can become stuck in the body and by using body based, somatic practices we can release and heal while creating more resilience and safety in our bodies.

Without expressing and processing these stress responses, completing them, discharging them or moving through them our emotions and trauma can become locked in the body.

If you experience...

- Anxiety

- Feeling stuck & unmotivated

- Depression

- Tight hips

- Sore neck

- Shoulder tension

- Chronic headaches

- Digestive issues and bloating

- Chronic pain and niggles


... then the road to release for you (and the missing piece of the puzzle) may very well be through working with the body - mobilising out of protective outputs, releasing emotions, unlocking old patterns, re-wiring the nervous system & finding a sense of safety and connection to the body again.

Who Are We

Join the Challenge - Get On The List

Sign up to join the first 5 days of the challenge below

Thanks for joining! Check your emails on June 18th for day 1

The full challenge is FREE to our members.

For non-members you will be able to join the first 5 days of the challenge free or....


...join in the whole challenge by signing up to become a member + you'll also receive all the juicy members benefits.

And yes - you can join the membership and then cancel after the challenege.

Membership doors open June 11th.

30 Day Somatic Healing Practice Challenge Begins June 18th

The itinerary:

Day 1- free to all​: Why we use somatic practice

Assessing & understanding your own nervous system state

How the body stores unprocessed trauma and emotions

Body scan

Day 2 - free to all: Somatic languaging for healing and sensing into body sensations

Day 3 - free to all: Discharging stress, anxiety and trauma

Day 4 - free to all: Breathwork for parasympathetic activation


Day 5 - free to all: Polyvagal exercises to improve vagal tone and resilience 

DAY 6 - members only: Training the brain with Focus Switching for reduction of emotional overwhelm & chronic pain


DAY 7 - members only: Bilateral stimulation: 6 different visual, auditory and tactile techniques to find relaxation, presence, integration, mental clarity & reduction of worry


DAY 8 - members only: Hip mobility and release


DAY 9 - members only: Releasing the pelvis/ building awareness

DAY 10 - members only: Pelvis & lower back release for stuck emotions & trauma

DAY 11 - members only: Polyvagal - exercise


DAY 12 - members only: Yin pose for energy restoration and reduced anxiety and stress


DAY 13 - members only: Yin poses for fear 


DAY 14 - members only: Safe place creation


DAY 15 - members only: Containment hug and somatic fear reduction


DAY 16 - members only: Hip and back release 


DAY 17 - members only: Somatic practices to increase energy and body connection + a practice to train your mind for reducing anxiety, distress or chronic pain


DAY 18 - members only: Chest openers for confidence and anxiety reduction


DAY 19 - members only: Somatic grief release


DAY 20 - members only: Psoas release for stuck emotions and trauma


DAY 21 - members only: Full somatic practice for psoas release


DAY 22 - members only: Emotional release practice #1


DAY 23 - members only: Emotional release practice #2

DAY 24 - members only: Muscle relaxation for anxiety and stress


DAY 25 - members only: Full body relaxation

DAY 26 - members only: Breath work

DAY 27 - members only: Polyvagal exercise

DAY 28 - members only: Jaw release - somatic practice for boundaries and people pleasing


DAY 29 - members only: Regulating a dorsal vagal response

DAY 30 - members only: Befriending the body

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