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5 week course to master your anxiety, tackle your worries and soothe your nervous system. 

Anxiety can feel like the most overwhelming experience - it steamrolls in, gripping your chest, filling your mind with doubts and worries and sitting itself down in the drivers seat of your life.

Does this sound familiar...

  • You find yourself struggling with anxiety overload in the morning when you wake up

  • You're noticing a mind that ruminates on fears and worries, trying to people please or fearing others are judging you

  • You fixate on somatic symptoms, worring about your health and interpreting every twinge and tummy ache as something sinister

  • You avoid things that seem hard or scary; events, people... even emotions

  • Your body feels hijacked, overloaded and overwhelmed

Chances are you feel fed up. You've tried pushing this feeling away or telling yourself to get over it. But anxiety keeps coming back and your nervous system feels frazzled. 


In this 5 week programme you are going to learn about...

- Why you might be feeling anxious 

- The range of somatic symptoms you're having and why

- How to navigate avoidance and open your world to possibilities

- The unhelpful thinking styles that become anxiety traps

- How to manage morning anxiety

- How to respond differently to worries and anxious thoughts 

- Your nervous system and tips to regulate it

- The neuroscience of habits and why you've felt like your sabotaging your own progress

- Somatic techniques to soothe anxious energy

You might be wondering if this course is for you or feeling worried about investing into a programme for fear it won't work. Let's talk this through, while I share some of my own experience...

I guess in many respects I was always an anxious person. As a child I avoided camps and sleepovers, feared reprimand and felt unsure of myself throughout my years in school. I was riddled with insecurity and nerves on and off but never understood that what I was experiencing was anxiety. 

I knew about anxiety - as my Mum had suffered with panic disorder, anxiety and agoraphobia. It wasn't until my later teen years where I realised it was what I was experiencing too.

I began to study counselling and work on myself, all the while my anxiety levels would fluctuate. In my early 20s I went on medication for anxiety and low mood but this never felt right and I came off the pills within the year - after years of anxiety I needed more.

In my mid twenties I was facing a diagnosis of a pituitary tumour, my hormones were a mess, I was just beginning my counselling career after graduating and had started a job back in my home town. I felt mostly on top of my anxiety. But in reality I wasn't - I was swamped with imposter syndrome, a people pleaser and my nervous system was dysregulated. The stress of my health only further pushing me past my 'baseline'. 

Finally it all gave way in my first panic attack.

I went on to have many many more. They would be sure to flood in anytime I was public speaking or under immense pressure talking to someone. I began to avoid things that might set them off. The avoidance made things worse and I knew this.

I wondered how I could possibly call myself a counsellor and work with people with anxiety when I was "such a failure" and unable to prevent the panic attacks myself. 

I dove into intensive post-graduate courses and expert anxiety trainings - decided to use myself as a case study.

Ultimately I knew that having experienced all of this myself was not a curse. I was a human. Not immune to struggles with my mental health just because of my career choice. 

I knew that I could view the struggles as a curse, or as a gift. The gift of knowing what it feels like to go through anxiety, panic, depression and to experiment with techniques and approaches to navigate the choppy waters. 

So, armed with my training and knowledge I set forth on a journey to overcome panic attacks and master my anxiety.

Fast forward to today - I am 33 and am at peace with panic. I have been on live TV and interviewed on live radio dozens of times for my books, without panic! I have built my own successful business from the ground up while raising my daughter. 

Have I rid my life of anxiety now? No, of course not. Im a human! I still feel all the feelings - I have anxious days, down days, angry days... but the difference is this:

- I don't fear anxiety

- I have a completely different relationship with anxiety

- Anxiety does not overwhelm me

- I have compassion for my human experience

- I have confidence in myself

- I don't feel the need to people please - or if I do, I respond differently

- I can check in with my nervous system and learn cues I am becoming dysregulated

- I know tools and techniques to calm both the body and the mind

I have put together some of the key concepts and techniques for mastering anxiety that I have learnt from my 12 plus years working in mental health and my many years of experience navigating my own. 

I bring you a 5 week course built from scientifically backed teachings and methods I have taught to hundred (maybe thousands now) of clients.


Each week we will meet on Zoom for roughly an hour.

You'll be able to ask all your questions during the sessions (or email them afterwards).

Each session will be recored and replays sent - so you'll be able to watch them in your own time or revisit them later.


You can sign up for the 5 week course alone or choose from 2 extra-value options:

- Course PLUS intrusive thoughts course or (valued at $27 for just $10)

- Course PLUS digital resource pack (valued at $55 for just $20)

Dates - These times are NZ time

July 30th 8:30am - 9:30am (roughly)

August 6th 8:30am - 9:30am

August 13th 8:30am - 9:30am

August 20th 8:30am - 9:30am

August 27th 8:30am - 9:30am

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