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Wellness Retreat

  • You'd love to go to a retreat but you just can't seem to find the time or the money.

  • Maybe you've seen the Hanmer Springs Retreat coming up in May and are dying to come... But you're not in New Zealand!!

  • Or perhaps you can't afford the full retreat but you're super keen to experience some of the workshops inside to nurture your mind, body and soul.


You are invited to this super exclusive online retreat - Only available to our subscribers!

You'll be following along the actual retreat from your screen, joining in on the workshops YOU select. 

Not all of the retreat will be available online, but we do have 3 packages for you to choose from PLUS some add-on options. You are welcome to pick 1, 2 or even all of the options below.

Let's take a look at your choices:

What do you need most right now?

PACKAGE ONE - Dive into Core Beliefs

Sat 28th 3:30pm - 5:45pm (15 min break at 4:30pm) NZST
$43 USD
  • Workshop with Becks: Uncover your limiting core beliefs & re-write their narrative in your life. Explore significant life events to find release from these and weave compassion & healing into your past. 

  • Be guided through a gentle yoga flow to support you to clear space in the body – shed unhelpful thoughts and emotions through breath and movement to make space for the new, the fresh, and the aligned. 

PACKAGE TWO - Gain Confidence: Boundaries & Nervous System Work

Sun 29th 7am - 8am then 9am - 10am NZST
$43 USD
  • Yoga with Alex: Begin with a confidence boosting yoga flow to support you to feel competent in moving forward and realising the boundaries that you deserve. We will work with balances and poses that balance strength and ease to experience getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

  • Workshop with Becks: Learn about how boundaries support your self-wroth & evaluate your own. Build the confidence you need to set boundaries and make changes in your life + Unpack anxiety and the Nervous system, then learn grounding tools and techniques to manage anxiety and stress.

PACKAGE THREE - Embrace all that is You

Mon 30th 8:30am - 10:30am (15 min break at 9:15am)
  • Yoga with Alex: Move through a lush, feminine flow with a focus on body love. We will explore how we can embrace our bodies on any given day, no matter where our mind is at, and respond to sensations with respect and love.  This will be followed by a guided meditation to support you to release stories you may be telling yourself about your body and image. 

  • Workshop with Becks: Discover how to break through your limiting behaviours and fears. Embrace your true worth as a person and learn what makes you worthy then, learn a technique to let go of events you are dwelling on and replaying that are holding you back from being your freest self.

$43 USD


Sun 29th 8am - 8:45am NZST               $21.50 USD

Yoga with Alex - Yoga Nidra session for relaxation 


Sun 29th 12pm - 12:30pm NZST           $21.50 USD

Self-care session with Alex - Acupressure points and self-massage with essential oils (BYO oil for online participants) 



Sun 29th 11am -12pm NZST                 $21.50 USD

Workshop with Becks – procrastination and perfectionism

Pick your package (or select a few) & head on through to grab your spot

Wanting to do them all?! Sure thing! There is a special price package deal that includes all of the workshops above! 

All Classes are hosted live - Streamed right from the Hanmer Springs Retreat! 

If you can't make a session due to life commitments but don't want to miss out - don't fret! 

You can book your packages and we will send out a video recording for you to catch on replay. 

You've got access to the replays for life - so you can re-watch the sessions any time you need, indulging yourself in Alex's yoga classes as many times as you like on replay, or refreshing your self-development work with Becks' workshops on repeat when you need them!

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