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Professional Development for teachers & pastoral care staff

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If you would like some up-skilling and professional development for your school staff, Becks from Journey to Wellness provides several options. You can check out the training packages below or get in touch to tailor a package to meet your needs.

Training will be delivered online via Zoom or can be booked in person in the Nelson/Tasman area.

What's on offer?

Option 1: Anxiety Education - Parent or Teacher Talk - Koha by school and/or parents

Host a parent evening at your school or a lunchtime korero for your teachers!

Rebekah has hosted these talks across several schools with a great turn out and feedback from parents and teachers who are eager to learn about ways they can support their tamariki with their mental health. 

These talks provide psychoeduacation as well as a range of tools.

Also included: a bundle of free resource sheets that the school can print out and provide to the parents and a 50% off coupon code for all my other digital resources.


Option 2: Anxiety Toolbox Facilitator Training $349

A 2.5 hour long training for your pastoral care/counselling staff - Learn how to run a 5 week group work programme to help students better manage anxiety. Perfect for seniors and exam stress! This program includes a facilitator training manual, printable resources for students, an Anxiety Toolbox e-book & many more resources to equip your pastoral staff. All resources are fantastic to use in 1:1 work and many can be shared for use in health education lessons.

Option 3: Self-Worth Tools & Interventions Training $175

This 1.5 workshop is designed to equip you with tools to boost self-worth in your students. Learn how to use a variety of tools and interventions to improve student self-worth and confidence, covering topics such as; taming the inner critic, tackling limiting core beliefs, boosting body image and reducing comparison. This workshop includes a full colour workbook so you can run this with your students and hand out resources.

Option 4: Grounding & Mindfulness Training $175

A 1 - 1.5 hour long experiential training. Learn how to take students through bite sized mindfulness, grounding, breathing and soothing exercises to regulate their stress response and get them ready to learn. Great for staff to practice too! Includes a workbook and a set of Mindfulness Cards.

Option 5: Calm Kids

Primary/ECE Training $349


Facilitator training for primary and ECE teachers. A dive into all things emotional regulation!

Learn how to: 

- Set up a Calm Corner and use the Calm Kit

- Establish a mindful classroom using bite-sized mindful practices

- Use co-regulation

- Understand anxiety and distress in your students and how they present

- Use the 'Name it to Tame it ' resource; teach children how to identify emotions

- Implement distress tolerance tools for calm kids.

1.5 hour training exploring

Includes: Full Calm Kit, Name it to tame it, Breathing toolbox, Mindfulness Cards, Feelings Face and Feelings definition cards

I'm also happy to tailer a visit to your school to meet the particular needs of your students/staff - Just get in touch below for a korero! 

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