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Join The Wellness Club!

This exclusive club is a great way to get ongoing personal development, tools and support for your wellbeing each month. 

It's like a gym membership for your mental health - but you get to do it from the comfort of your couch without breaking a sweat!








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Who is this membership for?

- Anyone keen to dive in to some personal development work in a super cost-effective and affordable way

- People who are feeling a little bit lost, or in need of some guidance, connection and boosters to lift them up each month

- The amazing humans who have completed one of my online courses or the 6 week Personal Development Coaching and are keen to keep the growth, learning and accountability going

- Anyone who would like some support with like minded people in a lovely facilitated learning and growth environment where you will learn and be challenged each month

What do you get?

Each month, as a member you'll get:

- Access to one live Zoom call

- Access to private FB group; The Wellness Club

- A monthly Q&A to answer your questions and help guide you (the Q&As will be hosted in the live Zoom call but you can email them in prior if you like)

- A monthly journal prompt

- Monthly support in the form of either a guided meditation, tool or exercise delivered in our Zoom call and to your email

Guided meditation, tool for managing tricky emotions & thoughts, warm fuzzies work + journal     prompt

Coping with worries & the inner critic, guided meditation + journal prompt

Negativity bias, Mirror work, screen time cleanse, guided meditation + journal prompt

Movement based grounding tools + Journal prompt

Fun activation in inner child work, inner child meditation + journal prompt

Using water to manage anxiety + panic + journal prompt

Sleep hygiene, guided muscle relaxation + journal prompt

Gratitude, guided meditation + journal prompt

Guided Mindfulness + journal prompt

Boundaries + jouranl prompt

Nourish, nutrition, self-care, guided meditation + journal prompt


What's coming up in The Wellness Club?











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Why be a Wellness Club Member?

I'm often asked by coaching clients if I offer some kind of service with continued and ongoing support - and I'm finally getting it together!

When you're in the context of a course or group it can be easier to stick to goals and keep the momentum of change and personal development going. However, when those things finish many of us may find ourself slipping back to old ways or losing steam.

Thats where the Wellness Club comes in! Each month, or whenever you need a little boost and redirection you come along to the live meetings.

There you get to connect with others, find empowerment in a group, ask questions and try out new wellness tools.


Q: Are the live Zoom calls recorded?

A: No they aren't. Like a gym class or a coaching session; you come along to these calls when you can and when you need to. They're small and intimate group calls. I will switch up the times of the calls for either Sat or Sun mornings NZ time (this is Friday or Sat arvo/evening for those in the US or UK) - this is the best way I can find to suit as many people as possible


Q: Can I join from anywhere in the world?

A: Yes! All membership content is online


Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: Yes, anytime. And you can rejoin when you need to. Your first month is free so there is no risk in trying it out to see if you like it.

Q: How much is the investment?

A: Your first month is free and then it is $14.99 per month

  • Wellness Club

    Every month
    Keep Growing! Personal Development & Wellness Support
     30 day free trial
    • Monthly call with Q&As & Guided Growth Work
    • Guided meditations, tools & interactive exercises
    • Monthly Email Support
    • Monthly Journal Prompts
    • Access to private FB Group


When you sign up to The Wellness Club you agree to the following:

This Wellness Club is not a substitute for therapy or medical advice

The Wellness Club is for psychoeducational purposes only.

The Wellness Club/Rebekah Ballagh is unable to provide any 1:1 support or coaching in this format.

This membership is not suitable for those at high-risk or experiencing extreme mental distress or safety concerns.

If you cannot make the live Zoom calls there will not be a refund and the call will not be rescheduled.

If Rebekah Ballagh cannot make a live Zoom call as much notice as possible will be given and the call with be rescheduled in the same month.