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Online Training

​Are you a counsellor, therapist, youth worker, teacher, coach or other 'helper'?

Are you searching for practical resources and tools to use with your clients and build your toolkit?

Do you feel like the resources out there are boring, outdated and uninspired?

Are you looking to up-skill?

Do you want to feel more confident in your sessions, armed with practical interventions and information?

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Whether you are new to the profession or have years of experience, the training programmes below are the perfect professional development options to expand your knowledge & gain a practical toolkit of resources for use in your profession.

If you've seen my work online or in my books you'll love these training programmes! 

I have gathered together some of my favourite tools and interventions from my 13 years working in mental health and counselling for these training packages. 

Each training is online and in person with me and comes with a whole folder of downloads which you can print, use and share with clients to help boost their progress and have you feeling confident in your interventions. 

I aim to share practical and hands-on strategies so you feel confident and well armed to support the wonderful people you work with. 

Enjoy exploring the training options below...


Anxiety Toolbox

 Everything you need to help your clients with their anxiety & stress. 

Learn how to run a 5 week anxiety course for YOUR clients in a group or 1:1 OR use the provided materials with your clients whenever you need some resources to draw on!

Comes with a facilitator manual and a beautifully illustrated resource pack/worksheets for clients. Expand your knowledge & your toolkit!

I'll help you adapt all material to your business to suit YOU!


Be guided through an extensive toolbox of tried and tested techniques, resources and interventions to boost your clients self-worth.

This course will equip you with proven tools and techniques to help your clients manage self-doubt, low confidence, self-esteem and body issues & more.

This  training comes complete with facilitator manual and a beautiful workbook/worksheets for you to use with your clients.

Grounding & Mindfulness

Learn all about mindfulness & grounding, how and why they help & how to delivery tools to your clients! In this experiential workshop you will learn how to practice various grounding & mindfulness techniques & to teach those to clients.

A great one for counsellors or teachers to use too!

Complete with beautifully illustrated Mindfulness Cards to handout to clients. You'll have everything you need to hit the ground running & implement mindfulness with your clients/students.

Calm kids

Facilitator training for parents & primary/ECE teachers. A dive into all things emotional regulation!

Learn how to:

- Set up a Calm Corner and use the Calm Kit

- Establish a mindful classroom/home using bite-sized mindful practices

- Use co-regulation

- Understand anxiety and distress in your littlies and how it presents

- Teach children how to identify emotions

- Implement distress tolerance tools for calm kids.

Includes all the colourful resources and worksheets you could possibly need!

Training Programmes

Please note these prices are in NZD

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