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Welcome -- We offer 2 online classes per month to help you rewire your brain, release anxiety, trauma & stress stored in your nervous system and find more calm, connection & compassion.

These classes are included in our membership offering FREE but can also be joined on a casual basis.

Our classes are...


$22 per class or FREE for members

Next Class: April 10th 9:30am NZST

What can you expect from this class?


✨ To learn ways to regulate your nervous system, moving you out of stress, anxiety, depression and patterns of dysregulation


✨ To begin to release trauma from your body while you soothe and regulate your nervous system with guided somatic practices and meditations


✨ Cognitive approaches that will help you unlock some lightbulb moments to shed limiting beliefs and old unhelpful patterns


✨ To be in a supportive community and be guided through a practice to restore some balance and calm


Somatic practices will...

  • Process fear, grief, trauma, anxiety, anger, depression and stress

  • Teach you how to use gentle movement & grounding practices to regulate out of sympathetic nervous system activation or dorsal vagal shut down

  • Activate your vagus nerve to find calm, balance, compassion & safety in your body 

  • Break the cycle of reflexive patterns of fear, tension, people pleasing and depression

Cognitive practices will...

  • Help you learn new ways of thinking about yourself, your life and your relationships

  • Release limiting beliefs 

  • Assist you to let go of unhelpful thinking patterns, fears and limitations

Monthly masterclass

$19 - 29 per class or FREE for members

Next Class: March 20th 9:30am NZ time

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From Freeze to Freedom

In this masterclass/webinar you will learn all about the freeze respose and how to move from freeze to freedom.


This is for you if...

- You feel stuck, unmotivated and stagnant

- You oscilate between high stress/anxiety and burnout/fatigue

- You feel down, flat or depressed

- You know you default to the freeze threat response when stressed or under pressure


And you want to...

- Understand your nervous system; how to check in with your own state

- Be able to identify what tools to use to regulate yourself

- Want a blend of cognitive and somatic pracitces to bring you out of freeze

- Find a range of ways to access calm and safety within yourself

- Unpack and rewrite unhelpful thinking styles and beliefs that keep you stuck in comparison, no motivation, low mood and self-sabotage

Class recordings will be available to all & sent after class with lifetime access


Our members can RSVP for free to both monthly classes, every month

They also get:

✨ Free access to all 12 of my online courses

✨ Access to a members only library full of guided audio & video tools + worksheets to navigate any emotion & regulate your nervous system

✨ Access to monthly group coaching calls and private Facebook support group

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Class timetable
  • Mon 10 Apr
    Multiple Dates
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    10 Apr, 9:30 am – 10:15 am NZST
    Online Zoom
    Release is a class especially designed to: ✨ Release fight/flight/freeze energy from your nervous system ✨ Begin to release trauma & deregulation stored in the body ✨ Bring your body & nervous system back to baseline to release anxiety, stress & burnout
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