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101 Ways to Find Calm

How to use your body to soothe your mind

By Rebekah Ballagh

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New Release!

Simple, powerful tools for everyday resilience from Rebekah Ballagh, bestselling author of Note to Self.


Scientifically backed methods, with influences from somatic therapy practices, polyvagal exercises, mindfulness, breath work, meditation and yin yoga.

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About the Author...

Rebekah Ballagh

Counsellor, somatic & nervous system regulation coach & 7 x best-selling author & illustrator. 

Making mental health support & wellness relatable, accessible, digestible, affordable & a little bit fun lights me up. And I can’t wait to share my beautiful blend of education & experience with you

More books to love...


Be Your Best Self

Published by Allen & Unwin

Practical strategies to help you transform the way you see yourself and create lifelong change. Covering everything from your inner critic to perfectionism, self-sabotage and procrastination, soothing your nervous system to limiting beliefs to inner child work to boundaries and self-love. Discover your barriers to growth and contentment and, most importantly, explore ways to become your best self.

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 9.42.29 PM.png

Note To Self

Published by Allen & Unwin

This book is jam-packed with handy tips, bite-sized wisdoms & thoughtful illustrations to help you navigate through feelings like anxiety, stress, worry, guilt & sadness.  

The Rainbow In My Heart Book

The Rainbow In My Heart

Published by Hachette

Experiencing emotions & learning what they mean can be a challenge for kids. From social media sensations Jessica Urlichs & Rebekah Ballagh, comes an engaging rhyming picture book that illuminates the rainbow of feelings that live in our heart.

Words of Comfort Book Cover

Words of Comfort

Published by Allen & Unwin

Words of Comfort is  a companion in your grief, an empathetic safe space and a beacon of hope. All of your feelings are welcome here. This book explores the experience of grieving and the emotions and thoughts that may surface. It offers strategies to help you navigate through your grief, and takes a look at some of the things we can learn from the journey. I hope you find some comfort in these pages.

Note To Self Journal

Note To Self Journal

Published by Allen & Unwin

Jam-packed with inspirational affirmations. There are breathing exercises, grounding practices, mindfulness tools, brain dumps, check-ins, body scans, visualisations and more.

Big Feelings

Big Feelings

Published by Allen & Unwin

Feelings are messages from the heart!Big Feelings helps kids understand their emotions, how they make you feel and how you can manage them.Includes strategies and resources for parents, caregivers and teachers.

Let's go, Flo!


Published by Allen & Unwin

A beautifully interactive book subtly teaching kids executive functioning skills.

On one level, this is a cute story about the day in the life of a girl, Flo.
On another level, all the things Flo encounters require 'executive functioning' skills: the ability to focus, pay attention, remember instructions and regulate emotions.

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