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Check out & order best-selling books by Rebekah Ballagh

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Words of Comfort
Note to Self

A beautiful illustrated book about Grief in all its forms. Going through it, getting through it and the learnings from grief.

This book is jam-packed with handy tips, bite-sized wisdoms & thoughtful illustrations to help you navigate through feelings like anxiety, stress, worry, guilt & sadness.  

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Big Feelings
Note to Self Journal

Feelings are messages from the heart!
Big Feelings helps kids understand their emotions, how they make you feel and how you can manage them.
Includes strategies and resources for parents, caregivers and teachers.

Jam-packed with inspirational affirmations, thought-provoking journal prompts and exercises that will change your life. There are breathing exercises, grounding practices, mindfulness tools, brain dumps, check-ins, body scans, visualisations and more.

The Rainbow in My Heart

Experiencing emotions and learning what they mean can be a challenge for kids. From social media sensations Jessica Urlichs and Rebekah Ballagh comes an accessible and engaging rhyming picture book that illuminates the rainbow of feelings that live in our heart.

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