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Journey to Wellness Online Membership

Discover potent tools to move you from overloaded, overwhelmed, anxious & stuck to calm, connected, empowered & embodied.​

Membership doors are closed until May

Practical, no BS tools for healing &
self-development that actually work.

I’m here to tell you that life can feel full, abundant, manageable & hopeful...

Inside the Journey to Wellness membership

✔️ feel calmer & more compassionate towards yourself

✔️ sleep better 

✔️ be armed with tools to manage your emotions

✔️ process old trauma & stuck emotions to feel lighter & more present

✔️ move out of freeze states and get off the couch & into your life

✔️ set boundaries & feel more confident

✔️ face fears, manage anxiety & smash the ceiling of your old comfort zone

✔️ feel more connected to your kids, with your family & in your relationships

Open the (virtual) doors & find freedom from low-moods, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, stress & a dysregulated nervous system

You’ll find all the tools, tips & tricks you’ve been waiting for, inside…

✔ Practical tools, resources, & strategies to help you manage your emotions

✔ Practices (that actually work) to regulate your nervous system

✔ A potent blend of both cognitive and somatic tools - the missing piece to healing 🧩

✔ Affordable & accessible personal development support 

✔ Resources that slip seamlessly into your busy schedule

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I wholeheartedly believe wellness should be accessible. And that’s what you get inside the Journey to Wellness Membership - all the resources, courses & tools you need reclaim your mental health, lean into personal growth & development, & live with wellness.

You’ll experience an abundance of ‘ah-ha’ moments & discover powerful practices to help you healgrow. All while connecting with a community of kind-hearted souls, because wellness is a journey that’s best travelled together.

Here’s what’s inside the Membership


Monthly Release Class

A potent blend of somatic practices to process emotions & trauma, regulate your nervous system & find your zen!


Members Only Library

Bite-sized support anywhere, anytime.  

Select what you need based on how you’re feeling & then browse through the library of videos, audio meditations & worksheets.


Monthly Masterclass

Classes & workshops on ever-changing topics; Hosted by Becks & a range of guest industry experts.


Access to Self-Paced Courses

Instantly unlock over 20 courses. Techniques & tools distilled from 15 years of experience; it's like having a therapist in your pocket!


Monthly Group Coaching
(Membership PLUS ✨ tier)

 Hot-seat coaching & expert guidance. Personalised support & tailored answers. 

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Monthly Nourish Class (Membership PLUS ✨ tier)

Classes led by expert teachers; yoga, yin, meditation, mindfulness, guided journaling, breath work & more... 

Check out some of our members only masterclasses