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Hi, I’m Rebekah Ballagh - Counsellor, Wellness Coach & Author / Illustrator

I’ll be right by your side as you reclaim your mental health & wellness & create a calm, connected & centred life.

"Becks you are absolutely incredible & your work sings to my soul, I feel so fortunate to have discovered Journey to Wellness & all that it provides. You make mental health far less scary & more manageable.” - privacy requested



Making mental health support & wellness relatable, accessible, digestible, affordable & a little bit fun lights me up. And I can’t wait to share my beautiful blend of education & experience with you

Growing up I battled with crippling insecurities that followed me throughout my early 20s.  I’ve walked my own rocky road with my mental health.  I’ve experienced panic attacks, self-doubt & times of struggle.


I know how it feels to live with anxiety & depression. To feel like you’re battling your own mind, or being betrayed by your body. I understand the up-hill climb through low-mood. I’ve been there, in that place, of having no self-confidence.

My commitment to redefining mental health has seen me follow a path I’ve undeniably been led to

I’ve trained & been immersed in the mental health field since 2009 - working across a wide range of counselling & mental health roles; from private coaching & group work to corporate workshops & conferences. 

This beautiful blend of experience & education makes Journey to Wellness a truly transformative space

I’ve created a consciously considered collection of resources & courses that are affordable, research & scientifically based, digestible, accessible & relatable. Tools I’ve experimented with myself to overcome my own challenges & get to where I am today. The same tools that have helped thousands of clients reclaim their mental health & wellness. Now I give these tools to you ~ with heartfelt understanding & support.

I’m here to tell you that you can get through this…

Your journey to wellness doesn’t have to be an ongoing battle And you don’t need to do it alone.


I know you already hold the wisdom within to lean into your personal growth & development - I’m here to guide you.


You can find peace within your body & mind & reclaim your mental health. 


I’ll show you the way…


"Fantastic - I can’t recommend highly enough! Rebekah has such a natural way of delivering the (excellent) content. She genuinely cares about each & every member in the group & I’m sure I speak for us all when I say throughout the course I felt seen, supported & valued. Definitely value for money & I will be taking more of her courses." - privacy requested

"Becks, you are incredibly talented at explaining complex ideas in a very straightforward, intuitive way that makes sense to me immediately. I love how you get right to the heart of things & reveal the essence of concepts so clearly & concisely." - privacy requested

“I highly HIGHLY recommend the Intrusive Thoughts Course. Like, really, go watch it as soon as you can. I’ve had health anxiety for 13 years (before the birth of my second daughter it was just run of the mill anxiety, but after her birth it transformed), & I’ve had counselling up to my ears. This webinar helped more than anything else has in the last 13 yrs.” - privacy requested


Choose your journey to wellness

Rebekah Ballagh Membership


It’s oh-so-much-more than your monthly mental health & wellness membership. This is the place, your space to connect with a community of kind-hearted souls & discover all the tools you need to learn how to love your life & thrive.


Online Courses

Techniques & tools straight from the therapy room. But designed in a way that’s relatable, accessible, digestible, affordable, & a little bit fun. Experience those ‘ah-ha’ moments & learn practical & powerful ways to heal & lean into personal growth.

Rebekah Ballagh live classes

Live Classes

Join a Release Class or Monthly Masterclass. Designed to help you rewire your brain, release anxiety, trauma & stress stored in your nervous system & find more calm, connection & compassion. Discover our upcoming live classes with yours truly or a guest industry expert.


Journey to Wellness is a safe place where you are seen, heard, accepted & respected. A nurturing community where mental health support & wellness is accessible, digestible, affordable & a little bit fun.

Redefining mental health & wellness

For me, it’s simple - I’m on a mission to remove the barriers that prevent people from working on their mental health. I want to see a world where people prioritise their wellness & get the support they deserve.

So I set out on a path to simplify thousands of support methods & created my own resources by illustrating therapy tips & counselling concepts that are relatable, colourful, digestible & accessible. But most importantly, I’ve created trustworthy tools that actually work.

And just like that…

What started as an Instagram page to publish my illustrations, Journey to Wellness became a growing community of over 440,000 people who are all on a path to creating a calm, connected & centred life.

My curiosity for more led me to create an eclectic approach to my courses, resources & tools

Based in blended cognitive & somatic practices, I combine elements from all of the modalities I have trained in - somatic based interventions (Yin, Polyvagal Exercises, Somatic Therapies, Breath Work, Mindfulness & Meditation), Mindfulness teaching and facilitation, Grounding, Narrative & IFS/Parts Work, TA, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, & incorporating skills from DBT & ACT.


You don’t have to know what all of that means. But you can be assured that my unique understanding & approach is evidence based & strengthened by my years of training, my own journey to wellness, my experience of working with thousands of clients & my deep respect for trauma informed & scientifically researched practices.

Books by Bestselling Author Rebekah Ballagh

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The Rainbow in my Heart

Credentials & education

8 x Best-selling Author / Illustrator

Bachelor of Applied Counselling

Comprehensive Mindful Somatic approaches to Trauma Therapy training: Somatic Therapies - SE, Hakomi, Gestalt, IFS

60hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Somatic Experiencing: Master the Body-oriented Approach to Trauma and Stress Disorders - Peter Levine

Motivational Interviewing 

The Social Brain and the Neuroscience of Relationships training

Grounding & Mindfulness Course

Introduction to aromatherapy & reflexology

Professional Member of IAC & ACA

Cert. Social Work & Counselling

Accredited Mindfulness Teacher/Facilitator - Ovio Mindfulness

Clinical applications of The Polyvagal Theory with Stephen Porges: Trauma, Attachment, Self-Regulation & Emotions

Trauma-Informed Treatment & Service Delivery Training

Advanced Suicide Risk Management and Triage

Certification - Anxiety treatment in adolescents and children

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training

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