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My Story

I've been involved in the mental health field since 2009 - I started out with a certificate in Counselling and Social Work before moving on to complete my Bachelors (BA) of Counselling (Applied) and going on to complete Mindfulness Facilitator Training. I've completed extensive post-graduate training in anxiety, trauma informed interventions, somatic practices, nervous system work, self-worth, personal development, self-harm, panic attacks, EMDR, and so, so much more.

I'm currently beginning my 50hr Yin Yoga training ad 25hr breath work training with The Whole Health Project and I can't wait to incorporate these practices into my online classes and coaching work. 

I have worked across a wide range of counselling and mental health roles; from private practice to youth work, brief intervention services to high school counselling, anxiety coaching to group work. My main area of work now is in running the online classes and workshops within my membership, running coaching programmes and some 1:1 coaching style, alongside writing books and creating content for my Instagram page.

After working in mental health for several years I realised that with our hectic lives, we often struggle to remember the tools taught in counselling sessions. I also found it hard to find interesting and 'fun' resources to use with my clients - everything felt a bit drab - I was searching for something colourful and digestible and couldn't find what I wanted. So I began developing my own resources by illustrating therapy tips and counselling concepts. In 2018 started posting the illustrations I created to Instagram, certainly not expecting anything much from it. Now, @journey_to_wellness_ is a community of over 380,000 people!

I continue to develop resources, courses and do speaking engagements.

In 2020 I had my first book published - Note to Self; The Secrets of Calm. This book went on to be a best seller and has been loved by thousands as a little pocket 'life-saver', full of handy tips and and comforting words, especially helpful for anxiety.

In early 2021 my second book (a joint venture) The Rainbow in My Heart was published - this time a children's book!

Following this, 2 more books; Note to Self Journal - an interactive workbook, and Words of Comfort - on navigating grief and loss. Both best sellers also, spending weeks in the top 10 charts.

Most recently I have released a book for children called Big Feelings - helping our little ones to name and manage their emotions and my latest book Be Your Best Self - a personal development tool for adults.

Then in 2023 I released Be Your Best Self - A best-seller and self-development book for adults.

I continue to write/illustrate books and work on resources for use as both self-help tools and by counsellors/therapists and teachers. I also run personal development coaching and webinars.

On a personal note....

I have a history of personal experience with anxiety, panic attacks, self-doubt and times of struggle in my own life. I believe this has made my work all the richer and I am thankful to not only have been through what I have, but to have been able to truly experiment with and use the tools I teach clients.

Growing up I battled with crippling insecurities and walked my own rocky road with anxiety.

In 2015 I experienced my first panic attack during a time of major life stress while being diagnosed with a pituitary tumour. I went on to have many panics; usually while public speaking or during other high pressure situations. 

At first I could feel myself wanting to fall into the 'avoidance trap' - so I began to experiment with myself and all the tools and training I had been immersed in for years. 

I know how it feels to have anxiety. To feel like you are battling your own mind or being betrayed by your body. I understand the uphill climb through low mood. I've been there, in that place of having no self-confidence...

And I am here to tell you, that you CAN get through it. And it doesn't have to be a battle - You can find peace within your own body and mind.

I now speak publicly as my career, helping others to overcome their own listing beliefs. I've been on live TV, been interviewed on countless radio stations, spoken to huge crowds - I'm living proof that the tools I teach work. 

My Approach

My whole mission is to make mental health and therapy tools accessible, digestible, approachable... and just a little bit fun. 

I use an eclectic approach with my courses and tools; based in blended cognitive and somatic practices. I combine elements from all of the modalities I have trained in; somatic based interventions, Mindfulness, Grounding, narrative and parts theory, TA, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and incorporating skills from DBT and ACT.... you don't have to know what that means - Just know that it is all evidence based practice and is based on my experience working with thousands of clients, my own journey, my years of training and my deep passion for trauma informed and scientifically researched practice. 

I have developed a huge range of resources, courses and products that are affordable, research and scientifically based, digestible and accessible.

They translate beautifully across a range of ages.

If you are struggling with nervous system dysregulation; anxiety, panic, self-doubt, low confidence, depression, general down-in-the-dumps low mood, stress and overwhelm.... then I am here for you! I've got your back. 

Book yourself a course; You deserve this. 

  • Bachelor of Applied Counselling 

  • Cert. Social Work & Counselling

  • Accredited Mindfulness Teacher/Facilitator - Ovio Mindfulness

  • Clinical applications of The Polyvagal Theory with Stephen Porges: Trauma, Attachment, Self-Regulation & Emotions

  • Somatic Experiencing: Master the Body-oriented Approach to Trauma and Stress Disorders - Peter Levine

  • Trauma-Informed Treatment & Service Delivery Training

  • Motivational Interviewing 

  • Advanced Suicide Risk Management and Triage

  • The Social Brain and the Neuroscience of Relationships training

  • Certification - Anxiety treatment in adolescents and children

  • Grounding & Mindfulness Course

  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training

  • Introduction to aromatherapy & reflexology

Currently Training in:

  • EMDR and telehealth mastery course

  • 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

  • Breathwork Certification

Professional member of IAC

My Background
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