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Calm Kids

A consciously created collection of resources to help littles ones go from chaos to calm

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Calm Corner

A beautiful boho themed bundle of 14 printable downloads to create a Calm Corner in your home or classroom

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Feelings Vocabulary Cards

This fabulous, brightly coloured illustrated resource features 72 updated diverse characters showing a huge range of emotions and matching emotion definition to help parents/caregivers and children learn what each emotion actually is, and how it might feel. 

The Rainbow In My Heart Book

The Rainbow in My Heart

Experiencing emotions & learning what they mean can be a challenge for kids. From social media sensations Jessica Urlichs & Rebekah Ballagh, comes an engaging rhyming picture book that illuminates the rainbow of feelings that live in our heart.


Let's go, Flo!

Working on two levels, this interactive story not only follows Flo's day as kids help Flo with tasks & challenges, but it also highlights executive function skills like memory and focus skills in a day-to-day setting. Bestselling author Rebekah Ballagh also includes resources for parents and teachers about these key executive functions can be strengthened in fun & playful ways.

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Nervous System States

Linking threat responses to animals makes learning about the nervous system fun. Understand what your kids behaviours mean & how to help them find their calm with strategies to match each threat response​

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Access to Self-Paced Courses

This resource is full of 58 unique bite-sized grounding, mindfulness and soothing exercises with simple and easy-to-follow instructions. They are perfect for all ages and are easy to weave into your busy day!

Big Feelings

Big Feelings

Feelings are messages from the heart! Big Feelings helps kids understand their emotions, how they make you feel and how you can manage them.Includes strategies and resources for parents, caregivers and teachers.

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Calm Kit

Create a Calm Kit or a Calm corner to teach kids

- Emotional literacy

- Feeling vocabulary

- Distress tolerance 

Great for helping to calm kids or to create an overall mindful and trauma-informed home or class room.


Jumbo Feelings Face Poster

Amazing for developing emotional literacy, great for non-verbal communication and learning to identify emotions.

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