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Trauma Toolbox


A 31 day members challenge for trauma healing

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Begins August 10th


Presented by Becks Ballagh
Counsellor, Somatic Coach, 8 x best-selling author

Hey beautiful soul,

I can't wait to go on this journey with you as we embark into a toolbox of healing & hope.


Here to help you:

😌 RELEASE emotions & trauma responses that are trapped in your body
💫 Feel confident, resources & regulated in your healing
😴 Sleep better
🌱 Feel more grounded, present & connected
👋🏼 Leave behind unhelpful self-destructive coping mechanisms
🫶🏼 Feel safe and connected to your body & loved ones

In this toolbox we will cover

The Deep Dive

Understand what trauma really is & its impact on the body & nervous system

The body

Explore how trauma gets stored & trapped in the body

The essential path to healing

Uncover the 4 essential steps to embodied healing & trauma rewiring

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How it works

When membership opens August 1st you can join - from there you'll be able to take part in the Trauma Toolbox (as well as access all the other membership perks!)

From August 10th, ech day for 31 days you will receive a bite-sized video resource delivered to your inbox.​​

Watch your video & connect with others to share your 'ah-ha' moments in the members hub

Keep up day-to-day or don't! You'll have access for as long as you're a member, so move at a pace that works for you

What you'll learn

The Deep Dive

First we'll set the stage & lay the foundations for healing. Over 4 days we'll cover:

  • What is trauma

  • How trauma effects your nervous system

  • The impact of trauma

  • Trauma & the brain

  • Patterns of trauma

  • How trauma is stored in the body

Then we'll embark on a journey to uncover the 4 essential stages of healing:

Begin The Essential Pathway to Healing

Step one: Safety & Stabilisation

Day by day for 8 days you will discover a range of tools to create a sense of felt safety. 

Find ways to stabilise, resource and ground yourself when faced with triggers & tricky emotions.

Step two: Support & Connection

Embark on 7 days of resources to build an sense of internal support - working on your ability to feel compassionate, trusting & embodied. 

Establish your own internal support system & secure attachment 

Step three: Processing

Build a toolkit over 10 days of tools to help you process stuck trauma & stagnant emotions & build your capacity for real-time emotional processing
Begin to release patterns of tension from your body

Step four: Integration

Begin to bring it all together with tools to help you find joy, gratitude & ongoing healing in your day to day life

These tools are like a weighted blanket for your soul - leaving you confident in your ability to manage emotions & stress while feeling regulated, resilient, joyful, hopeful & EMBODIED

Become a Member to Join the Trauma Toolbox

The Trauma toolbox is an exclusive series for our members.

Doors to membership open August 1st - Simply join the membership & you're in!

Membership is just $49NZD ($30USD) per month - cancel anytime.

As a member you also get:

✔️ Instant access to all our courses

✔️ A library of tools for every emotion with bite sized videos, somatic practices & more

✔️ Meditation library

✔️ Community hub for support & access to Becks for personalised guidance 

✔️ Monthly somatic release & regulation class

✔️ Monthly masterclass on ever-changing topics with guest expert speakers

✔️ Monthly group coaching (on our plus tier)

✔️ Monthly yoga class (on our plus tier)


I want to join the Trauma toolbox,
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