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Support the mental health & wellbeing of your staff to boost moral & improve team cohesion & performance

Have you noticed your staff are feeling

  • Burnout & stressed?

  • Overwhelmed?

  • Anxious? 

  • That morale is a little low? 

It's understandable; these have been stressful times for businesses and their employees. 

As a business it is important that the mental health and wellbeing of your staff is supported and optimised. 

A happy staff make a happy and productive workplace. 

And a workplace that prioritises their employees mental health and wellbeing will see this investment returned 10 fold from their staff.

Are you looking for a 'one-stop workshop' to help equip your staff with tools to build their resilience, lift their spirits and show them their mental health and wellbeing is a priority in your business?

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Rebekah is also available for

speaking events/ key notes

& conference workshops

To book a speaking event please

use the contact form below 

Workplace Workshops for Wellbeing are here to help!

These workshops can be tailored to YOUR business and the needs of your staff. Workshops can range anywhere from a 30 minutes lunchtime session, a 1 - 2 hour talk or a 1/2-full day workshop. 

Get in touch via the contact form below to discuss the needs of your business.


Here are some example topics you may like to book for your staff:

✨ Understanding and regulating your nervous system (great for anxiety, stress, burnout, overwhelm & a feeling of 'stickiness' in your workplace)

✨ Managing anxiety

✨ Stress less for success

✨ Supporting your children/teens mental health and wellbeing

✨ Navigating Grief

✨ Back from burnout

✨ Boundaries & People Pleasing 

✨ Overcoming procrastination 

 ✨Taming imposter syndrome & the inner critic

✨ Motivational talk on shedding limiting beliefs & getting out of your comfort zone

Tailored workshops can include a mixture of topics

some Businesses we've worked with...
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Here is an example of a workshop series package combing multiple topics:

A series of three 1 hour workshops run over 3 weeks OR a 1/2 day workshop of 4 hours total. 

Your staff will learn tips and information to...

  • Boost wellbeing

  • Tame stress

  • Manage anxiety and lift self-confidence

  • Understand how to create new habits and break old ones

  • Manage worry

  • Tackle perfectionism

  • Stop procrastination and

  • Implement strategies to put overwhelm behind them and step into some peace and clarity.

These workshops are practical and straightforward, designed to be easy to digest and apply to create change NOW. 

Workshops Include a resource bundle for each employee - A digital pack of illustrated e-books and tools!


Session 1

- Understanding anxiety, stress and your thinking
- Foundations of good mental wellness (tips for getting a good nights sleep included)
- How to create new habits & break old ones (tips and tricks plus the neuroscience!)
- Coping strategies & unhealthy distractions - how to find a balance 

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Session 2

- Understanding & overcoming perfectionism 

- Tackling procrastination

- Evaluating & implementing boundaries (at work and at home)

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Session 3

- Taming the inner critic

- Managing worry

- Steps to wellness

- Bite-sized mindfulness

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Now more than ever, in the busy, fast-paced and stressful world we live in people need tools to calm their nervous systems, manage stress and anxiety and look after their mental health. 

These workshops are here to deliver real & effective tools, strategies and information to improve the wellbeing of staff and to provide them with bite-sized resources that can be woven into even the busiest of days. You'll find huge value for money here - each hour packing a serious punch; offering a smorgasbord of proven, potent and powerful interventions and 'lightbulb moments' to staff that they can implement right away.

When your employees are struggling with low motivation, overwhelm, are feeling swamped with worries or just in need or some nurturing and care - these workshops are the perfect solution.

Employees need to feel seen, supported, validated and cared for by their workplaces as individuals. Gifting staff members with these workshops will do so much for both the business as a whole and each member of staff on a personal level.

When your staff are well in themselves they are more productive, 
efficient, cohesive and collaborative. These workshops teach valuable life skills and personal growth and development that translate to their ability to perform and be happy in their jobs.  

Time to top up those wellbeing tanks and breathe some new life & 
resilience into your valued team.


  • Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your staff - we are happy to add in any topic areas that are important to you, or remove topic areas from the existing workshops to suit your workplace. 

  • We are also happy to run these workshops to a length of time that works for your staff

  • Workshops are delivered via Zoom - employees can join on seperate computers or gather in a staff room to be a part of this interactive workshop together. 

  • Workshop costs vary depending on your business/staff size - get in touch below to enquire further.

  • Workshops can be recorded and sent out to staff who cannot attend the live session



Rebekah Ballagh

Qualified Counsellor

Self-Development Coach

Trainer | Speaker

Mindfulness Teacher

5 x Bestselling Author & Illustrator 

Rebekah has run training and workshops for hundreds of people, across workplaces and for community groups.

She is an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator, combining over 10 years experience in the mental health industry and counselling with humour and practical tools and strategies, you are bound to have some light-bulb moments!

"Delivered in a really authentic and meaningful way. Touched on great concepts I’ve paid hundreds to be taught by psychologists but have never truely understood well until now."

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