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Powerful & transformative courses that bring you practical tools for healing and personal growth.
We're making mental health support accessible, digestible & affordable

ALL of our courses are included in our membership or can be purchased individually


Soma & Soul

$86usd | $147nzd

Special Price $59usd | $97nzd 

30 day programme to build a comprehensive & overflowing toolkit of somatic practices to:
- Regulate your nervous system
- Release stuck, stagnant and store emotions and trauma from the body
- Build compassion, connection & safety in your body
- Reduce anxiety, stress & overwhelm
- Improve mood & focus



From Freeze to Freedom

$59usd | $97nzd

It's time to get out of the funk & find your groove again. In this course you'll learn how to transform feeling stuck, down, flat and unmotivated into feeling calm, regulated and connected. Bust your belief blocks, come back to your body & kick self-sabotage to the curb.


Escape the Health Anxiety Cycle

$59usd | $97nzd

Do you experience anxiety, hypervigilance & worry about your health or the somatic symptoms you experience because of anxiety or panic? 
Learn how to free yourself from the spiral of health anxiety.

Image by Julien L

Releasing Fight Energy

$59usd | $97nzd

Anger, rage, irritability, resentment & burnout; you're stuck in a fight response and feeling overloaded. In this course you'll learn how to release anger, regulate your nervous system & find your confident calm.


Bye Bye People Pleasing

$59usd | $97nzd

Learn how to shift out of people pleasing and into your power.

You're drained from always putting other first. Your nervous system keeps moving into the fawn response; maybe you experience physical; symptoms like neck and shoulder pain, a tight throat... It's time to get your life back with this course. 


Highly Sensitive Superpower

$59usd | $97nzd

You feel things deeply, read others emotions & get sensory overload - being an empath or a highly sensitive person can be draining - but it doesn't have to be. In this course you'll learn how to thrive as an HSP/empath and use these traits to your benefit.

Healthy Woman

Goodbye Morning & Evening Anxiety

$59usd | $97nzd

Do you feel anxious when you wake up? Full of worries and physical symptoms when you try to wind down for bed? In this course you will understand WHY, what you are doing that is actually making your anxiety worse and discover cognitive & somatic practices to help you find a sense of calm and safety in your day.


Intrusive Thoughts Be Gone!

$59usd | $97nzd

90% of people experience intrusive thoughts. If you have persistent anxious worries, health anxiety or distressing thoughts on repeat then this life changing course is for you. Learn a radically different approach to your thoughts that will help you find freedom & peace.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Anxiety Free

$59usd | $97nzd

You don't have to live a life controlled by your anxiety. 

If you struggle with a racing mind, troubling physical sensations, avoidance, fear, panic and a mind full of worries then this course is for you.  

Professional Young Woman

Boundary Boss

$59usd | $97nzd

A masterclass in learning to state your needs, set boundaries, deal with pushback and protect your precious energy.

Learn a step by step process to set boundaries with people in your life AND with yourself.


Breathe Easy Programme

$59usd | $97nzd

In this programme you will discover a range of breath work & pranayama practices, rooted in science, to reduce anxiety & stress, regulate your nervous system, improve your health & sleep and ground into your body and the life force that is your breath.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Nervous System Deep Dive

$59usd | $97nzd

In this course you will learn all about your nervous system and the threat responses you may be experiencing including an overview of Polyvagal Theory. Discover practical techniques to improve your vagal tone & nervous system capacity for more resilience & regulation. 


Get Grounded

$59usd | $97nzd

Spread over 30 days, learn how to integrate bite-sized mindfulness habits into your day to transform you from anxious, overwhelmed and on auto-pilot to feeling grounded and safe in your body and world. Get ready for powerful and simple tools you can implement in less than 10 minutes a day.

Speaking at Seminar

Panic to Peace

$59usd | $97nzd

This course will teach you all the tools you need to short-circuit your panic spiral, debunk the myths that keep you stuck in fear, master your thoughts and put you right on track to overcoming your panic attacks and anxiety.



$59usd | $97nzd

Worthy is a punchy & powerful program to connect with your power & self-worth; A no BS program to shine a light on your blind spots & barriers and to support & nourish you to see your full potential. 

Image by Daria Shevtsova

Journey to Journaling

$11usd | $19nzd

Sharpen your pencil for this 1 week deep-dive into journaling for your mental health. Get ready to unpack your emotions, thinking patterns, values, strengths and more... This course will get you thinking and writing & open up a world of personal insights and revelations.

Image by Magnet.me

Beat Procrastination

$59usd | $97nzd

Time to put procrastination behind you with this course, full of practical strategies to boost your motivation, better manage your time & get to the bottom of why you keep self-sabotaging and feeling stuck.


15 Day Nervous System Reset


Spread over 15 days, you'll explore bite-sized and practical polyvagal, somatic & breath-work tools to help you reset and regulate your nervous system. The perfect nervous system starter pack with easy to implement tools.

embodied healing bundle mockup.png

Embodied Healing Bundle

$152USD |$247NZD
(save $372NZD)

An integrated bundle of 5 courses and a toolbox of resources designed to guide you through an embodied exploration of nervous system regulation and emotional processing. This comprehensive collection includes expert-led courses on somatic practices, breathwork, mindfulness, grounding, and a deep dive into understanding the intricate pathways of the nervous system


Chaos to Calm Bundle

$212USD |$347NZD
(save $253NZD)

Bundle package of our 5 Anxiety courses + The Anxiety Toolbox e-book + Mindfulness Cards + Bite-Sized Calm Cards. The ultimate package of resources, worksheets, videos, guided audios & somatic classes to help you overcome anxiety, worry, panic & more!

Can't decide? Want them all? We get it!

Become a member today and unlock all of these courses + oodles more goodies.
For only $49nzd/month (that's roughly $30usd) you can become a member and unlock access to ALL courses! 

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