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Soma & Soul

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Soma & Soul provides you with a nourishing and overflowing toolkit of somatic practices to - Regulate your nervous system - Release stuck, stagnant and store emotions and trauma from the body - Build compassion, connection & safety in your body - Reduce anxiety, stress & overwhelm - Improve mood & focus ... and so much more In this course you will learn a range of somatic practices backed by science & derived from: - Polyvagal theory - Somatic therapies - Yin yoga - Mindfulness & meditation - EMDR All of the practices are trauma informed, gentle, nurturing and self-paced. This course is structured into daily practices. You can practice one per day (and the course will take 30 days) or you can spread them out for as long as you like. Most of the practices are less than 10 minutes, and all are under 20 minutes. PLUS you get: - A full e-book compiling all of the practices, info and video links in one place - A mini e-book to help you understand your own unique nervous system - 4 bonus classes (perfect for combining practices for daily practice after you complete all the tools inside): * A full body release class * Unlock your hips class * Upper body release class * Yin yoga class for anxiety, worry & overthinking "The difference before and after physically and mentally is profound and rewarding." - A “I have spent hundreds of dollars on programs that have not been half as valuable as the work you do. You create such a safe environment.” - Pat

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