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Highly Sensitive Superpower

You feel things deeply, read others emotions & get sensory overload - being an empath or a highly sensitive person can be draining - but it doesn't have to be. In this course you'll learn how to thrive as an HSP/empath and use these traits to your benefit without the overwhelm.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Are you highly sensitive? What is an empath / HSP?

At least 30% of people will identify as being 'Highly Sensitive'.

An HSP isn't a diagnosis, rather it is a set of personality traits. You might:

  • Feel things deeply

  • Pick up on others emotions

  • Worry that you've upset people or made them angry often

  • Feel overloaded by sensory stimulation, like loud or repetitive noises, scratchy fabrics, temperatures, certain lighting etc

  • Be highly creative or entrepreneurial 

  • Like alone time

  • Be overwhelmed in crowds or around people for too long

  • Take things people say to heart

  • Get lost in thought and emotions

When you don't know how to cater to your unique needs as an HSP these things can feel like a curse. You wind up feeling overloaded, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, burnout and resentful.

But being an empath or an HSP is actually a superpower - when you know how to use it - let me teach you how to wear that cape with pride. 

In this course you will learn...

  • What a highly sensitive person is 

  • What traits highly sensitive people possess and if you are an HSP/empath

  •  How to harness the gifts of being a HSP

  • The potential challenges you'll face and how to overcome them  

  • Practical tips to manage sensory overload

  • How to calm your unique nervous system

  • Healthy habits for HSPs

And you will get...

  • 1 hour masterclass video and slide deck

  • Guided audio meditations

Sensory overload and emotional overwhelm?

I can teach you the tools to overcome the overload and find a sense of calm and confidence while celebrating who you are

What if you could feel...

  • Like you had the tools to reduce your overload 

  • Proud of who you are

  • Like your sensitivities were a superpower, not a curse

  • Present in your life 

  • Calm and centred 

Let's explore the tools you need to get there in this course.


Hi, i'm Becks...

I'm a qualified counsellor, a coach, a 6 x best-selling author & illustrator and the founder of Journey to Wellness. 

I help people like you go from feeling overloaded, overwhelmed, anxious & dysregulated to feeling supported, calm, resilient and thriving.

Why? Because I've been there too. I experienced years of chronic anxiety, panic attacks and a nervous system that felt frazzled and flustered. I've worked in mental health for over 13 years now and studied everything from somatic interventions to yin yoga, cognitive behavioural therapy to polyvagal theory, narrative therapy to mindfulness facilitation.

I'm here to distill all that knowledge for you to bring you mental health support and tools that are practical, digestible, accessible and just a little bit fun. 


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For just $49nzd per month you unlock access to ALL of our courses, plus a monthly coaching call to pick my brains, a monthly masterclass and a monthly Release class to process stuck emotions & trauma while regulating your nervous system with somatic practices. 

Oh, and did we mention the library? You get your very own member library with a range of videos, audios & worksheets - Bite-sized tools to support you anywhere, anytime.

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