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Bye Bye People Pleasing Online Course

You're always putting others first, stuck in a fawn response, maybe suffering with somatic symptoms or feeling burdened, anxious and resentful. In this course you'll get in touch with your own needs & learn how to move from people pleaser to being in your power. 

Image by Matthew Hamilton

What is a fawn response? People Pleasers, this is for you.

Would you call yourself a people pleaser?


People pleasing is a threat response called the fawn response. This state of nervous system dysregulation looks like:

- Being highly sensitive to others moods

- Feeling anxious if others seem angry or disappointed

- Struggling to say 'no'

- Putting others need above your own, to your detriment

- Putting your own needs, wants and values aside

- Somatic complaints like a tight throat, jaw tension, clenching teeth in your sleepy, dry mouth, digestive issues, irritability, fatigue....


As a people pleaser you are good at picking up on and responding to the emotional cues of others, ever hypervigilant in your quest to understand how others are feeling in order to respond to them and keep ourselves safe.

It's draining. It can lead to resentment, burnout, high anxiety and feelings of low self-worth.

Chances are you've been through some tricky or traumatic relationships and this response is NOT your fault. It's been your protective armour and way of staying safe and connected. But you don't have to live under this anxious shadow anymore.

In this course you will learn...

  • What's really going on in your nervous system, how people pleasing can become reflexive, and how to overcome this

  • Reasons why we people please

  • How to identify and overcome thought traps and limiting beliefs blocks

  • Practical, efficient strategies to release & process the fawn response

  • How to regulate your nervous system with mind and body practices

  • How to build trust in yourself 

  • How to set boundaries and get your needs mets

  • Ways to remain calm & grounded 

  • How to feel a boundary and what a 'no' feels like in your body

And you will get...

  • 1.5 hour masterclass - video and slide deck

  • Guided Audio meditations - 4 powerful meditations for healing 

  • Bonus Release class 1:  guided somatic practices to move out of a fawn response using these somatic/ body based practices

  • Bonus Release class 2: somatic practices to find your voice, connect to your truth, speak your needs & foster your intuitive connection to self

It's time to put yourself first

I can teach you the tools to put people pleasing, fawning and the guilt & anxiety that goes with it behind you to find confidence, self-assurance and self-compassion as you step into your power.

What if you could feel...

  • Like your needs and wants matter

  • Confident in your right to say 'no'

  • Freedom from constantly worrying how others feel and what they think

  • Connected to what feels good and right for you

Let's explore the tools you need to get there in this course.

Meet your Journey to Wellness Online Coach

Oh hi there, nice to e-meet you! I’m Rebekah Ballagh.


But you can call me Becks.

I’m a qualified counsellor, wellness & somatic coach, mental health advocate, best-selling author / illustrator & yin yoga teacher

I founded Journey to Wellness to redefine the mental health & wellness space


I’m on a mission to remove the barriers that prevent people from working on their mental health. I want to see a world where people prioritise their wellness & get the support they deserve.


So I set out on a path to simplify thousands of support methods & created my own resources by illustrating therapy tips & counselling concepts that are relatable, colourful, digestible & accessible. But most importantly, I’ve created trustworthy tools that actually work. Tools that have supported me to overcome my own challenges - to free myself from panic, anxiety, depression & a dysregulated nervous system. The same tools that now support hundreds of people, worldwide, within this life-changing Membership.


Journey to Wellness is a safe place where you are seen, heard, accepted & respected. A nurturing community where mental health support & wellness is relatable, accessible, digestible, affordable & a little bit fun.


"Until I took Rebekah's course on people pleasing and the fawn response, I didn't realise just how much fawning was shaping my feelings about myself and my relationships with others.  This course gave me a more compassionate way to respond when I notice I am triggered, and to move away from self-blame toward healthy, safe boundaries with others.  The mix of somatic and cognitive practices has given me a genuinely usable toolkit to start healing from people pleasing.  I know I will come back to this course again and again as a valuable resource on my healing journey." - Francesca

"its full of insights i never thought of"

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P.s. If you're eyeing up more than one course then why not join our membership?

For just $49nzd per month you unlock access to ALL of our courses, plus a monthly coaching call to pick my brains, a monthly masterclass and a monthly Release class to process stuck emotions & trauma while regulating your nervous system with somatic practices. 

Oh, and did we mention the library? You get your very own member library with a range of videos, audios & worksheets - Bite-sized tools to support you anywhere, anytime.

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