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Anxiety Free

You don't have to live a life controlled by anxiety. 

If you struggle with a racing mind, troubling physical sensations, avoidance, fear, panic and a mind full of worries then this course is for you. Go from anxious to calm, free, resilient and grounded.   

Image by Caleb George


When anxiety is in the drivers seat you are stuck in survival mode. Your body and your brain feel like they are working against you, full of

  • Worries, 'what ifs' and rumination

  • Fear and panic

  • Physical symptoms like stomach upset, nausea, a tight chest, headaches, brain fog, fatigue, sleeplessness, restricted breathing the list goes on

  • Avoidance & self-doubt

  • Negative thoughts

Anxiety makes everything feel hard. You worry people are judging you. You worry something is wrong with you or your body. You feel exhausted by a mind that won't switch off.

You're hypervigilant and your nervous system is stuck in flight mode.

You're not alone. And you can overcome anxiety.

In this course you will learn...

  • The real science behind anxiety - befriend your mind & nervous system

  • How to rewire your brain

  • How to put an end to unhelpful thinking styles

  • What you've been doing that's making your anxiety worse

  • A clear list of things that make anxiety better

  • How to use your breath to calm your body and mind

  • How to end the panic cycle

  • Techniques to feel grounded and safe

  • Practical mindfulness & relaxation tools

And you will get...

  • Step by step video guides

  • Breathing Toolbox e-book

  • Downloadable resources

  • Guided audio meditations

Anxiety doesn't have to rule your life

I can teach you the tools to overcome anxiety to find peace, calm and control again.

What if you could feel...

  • Like you had the tools to overcome anxiety

  • Safe in your body

  • Free from physical symptoms like nausea, tension, headaches, brain fog and a sick tummy

  • At peace in your mind

Let's explore the tools you need to get there in this course.


Hi, i'm Becks...

I'm a qualified counsellor, a coach, a 6 x best-selling author & illustrator and the founder of Journey to Wellness. 

I help people like you go from feeling overloaded, overwhelmed, anxious & dysregulated to feeling supported, calm, resilient and thriving.

Why? Because I've been there too. I experienced years of chronic anxiety, panic attacks and a nervous system that felt frazzled and flustered. I've worked in mental health for over 13 years now and studied everything from somatic interventions to yin yoga, cognitive behavioural therapy to polyvagal theory, narrative therapy to mindfulness facilitation.

I'm here to distill all that knowledge for you to bring you mental health support and tools that are practical, digestible, accessible and just a little bit fun. 


"Rebekah's anxiety course is very well structured giving a full insight to managing anxiety. I finally understood how my brain works and what causes my anxiety. Most importantly it gave me easily accessible tools that I can easily use when needed. It made me realise how my thoughts and my way of living (always on the go!) has led me to my extreme anxiety. From the moment I joined the cousre I started changing my life to be more present, mindful and be the calmer version me!" - Jo

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P.s. If you're eyeing up more than one course then why not join our membership?

For just $49nzd per month you unlock access to ALL of our courses, plus a monthly coaching call to pick my brains, a monthly masterclass and a monthly Release class to process stuck emotions & trauma while regulating your nervous system with somatic practices. 

Oh, and did we mention the library? You get your very own member library with a range of videos, audios & worksheets - Bite-sized tools to support you anywhere, anytime.

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