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Online courses, classes, coaching + a library of tools at your fingertips to support your mental health and wellbeing.

Are you ready to go from overloaded, anxious & depleted to thriving?

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There is SO much information out there telling you what to do to overcome your barriers and heal.

It's overwhelming. I get it. I've cut out all the crap to bring you...

✔️ Practical tools and strategies to help you manage emotions

✔️ Practices to regulate your nervous system that actually work

✔️ A like-minded community of supportive souls

✔️ Info and knowledge about mental health that just makes sense

✔️ Lightbulb moments that make you say "ohhhh... now that finally makes sense"

✔️ Affordable and accessible personal development support 

✔️ Resources that work around your busy schedule

... You'll find it all here

What's included...

Access to 14 online self-paced courses 

Members only library with bite-sized video tools, worksheets and guided audio meditations for any emotion 

Access to 2 monthly classes:  a monthly Release class - somatic practices for nervous system regulation and healing + a monthly webinar/masterclass on ever-changing topics with guest interviews and more 

A private Facebook community with a monthly group coaching session & access to me for Q&A support

55 watch-anytime videos and courses +  over 50 guided audio meditations

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Is membership right for me?

You're feeling...

✘ Like surely this isn't how you're meant to feel all the time

✘ Stressed, overloaded & drained

✘ Stuck in a cycle of tension & somatic symptoms like bloating, headaches & brain fog

✘ Hijacked by a frazzled and dysregulated nervous system

✘ Sick of anxiety keeping you from being fully present in your life

✘ Low, stuck and unsure what you need to change

✘ Fed up of self-sabotaging yourself 

And you're ready to feel...

✔︎ A release of anxiety, trauma, stress & depression at the level of your nervous system

✔︎ More self love & compassion

✔︎ Less physical symptoms of dysregulation

✔︎ Grounded and regulated

✔︎ Present in your life

✔︎ Safe in your body

"I have never felt so much at peace before. The change in me is evident to my loved ones. My close relationships have strengthened. I feel that I can manage my emotions instead of them controlling me. And I have Journey to Wellness and this group to thank for it."

- Member Testimonial

What our members are saying...