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Grab this beautiful illustrated resource educating around the different states of the nervous system and linking them to an animal name to help you remember each one!


There are 2 digital poster resources for each state covering:

- The emotions, behaviours, thoughts and physical sensations one might experience in this state: this helps teach you how to recognise which nervous system state you might be in

- A list of possible strategies and techniques to help you regulate yourself to a place of calm


There is also a beautiful summary page displaying each nervous system state - this explains the name of the nervous system state (i.e dorsal vagal, sympathetic, parasympathetic etc) and the name of the threat response (fight , fight, freeze, fawn or free)


This wonderful resource is a great way to learn about your nervous system and importantly to be able to recognise the state it is in in yourself or others.


The perfect resource for:

- Self Help and self discovery - understanding and regulating your own nervous system

- Teachers

- Schools

- Counsellors

- Physical therapists 

- OTs 



This listing is for an instant digital download. 

There are 12 colour illustrated pages included.


If you would like more resources and support around the nervous system you might like...

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Nervous System States - Threat Responses - Animal Edition


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