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Feelings Faces WITH Definitions!


This fabulous, brightly coloured illustrated resource features 72 updated diverse characters showing a huge range of emotions and matching emotion definition to help parents/caregivers and children learn what each emotion actually is, and how it might feel. 



- Build emotional literacy

- Increase feelings vocabulary 

- Idenitfy and name emotions 


Being able to identify and name emotions helps children learn to manage and regulate their big feelings.


Ideas on how to use these:

- print, cut out, place matching card and definition back to back then laminate and put on a book ring 

- print and cut out then pick 1 to 3 emotions that you most identify with in this moment to further explore

- pick out emotions that sum up your day 

- act out emotions with your kids/students like charades and try to guess the emotions! 

- Allow kids/clients to select one to show you how they feel if they struggle to name or verbally express emotions 

- use then with non-verbal kids/clients

- use then to teach children about emotions

- Use them as posters



Not for commercial use

Please note this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Feelings Definition Cards


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