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This resource is full of bite-sized grounding, mindfulness and soothing exercises with simple and easy-to-follow instructions. They are perfect for all ages and are easy to weave into your busy day!

They are divided into the following categories:

BREATHING - these cards have blue backgrounds
You’ll find 8 different breathing tools in this section. These exercises will help to 
regulate your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety and leave you feeling calm.
GROUNDING - these cards have yellow backgrounds
You’ll find 33 grounding exercises in this section. These tools are all
designed to help you tap into your senses, leaving you feeling
present, calm and in-tune with yourself in the here and now.
SOOTHING - these cards have purple backgrounds
You’ll find 17 soothing exercises in this section. Try these
comforting and relaxing ways to regulate your emotions.
These tools are all designed to help you feel calm and soothed in times 
of distress. 

Perfect as....
- A self help tool
- A teaching tool for students of all ages in classrooms/schools
- A therapy resource for counsellors, coaches, therapists and social workers
- A way to support your kids to learn mindfulness as a parent

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital download

Mindfulness Cards


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