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A 2 part program & series of integration challenges with somatic classes & meditations for self-worth & love.
with Becks - a qualified counsellor, nervous system & somatic coach & 8 x best-selling author



A punchy & powerful program to connect with your power & self-worth

Worthy is a powerful program to help you uncover unconscious patterns that are holding you back & keeping you stuck in a spiral of self-doubt, nasty self-talk & self-sabotage.

We all know what it feels like to look in the mirror and hear the voice of our inner critic. To talk in a meeting at work and feel your imposter syndrome breathing down your neck. To pick & prod at your body, to loose your confidence when you want to speak up for yourself...

I've taken my 15 years of experience and designed this potent & fast-acting program.

Worthy is a no BS program to shine a light on your blind spots & barriers and to support & nourish you to see your full potential. 

Becks, you are incredibly talented at explaining complex ideas in a very straightforward, intuitive way that makes sense to me immediately. I love how you get right to the heart of things and reveal the essence of concepts so clearly and concisely - both in writing and in person through your coaching. All the practical tips you shared with us to try out are easy to implement, yet transformational. Thank you so much - this personal development course has been life-changing in the best way.

- Participant Testimony

I’m Rebekah Ballagh.


But you can call me Becks.

I’m a qualified counsellor with 15 years experience in the field, a nervous system regulation & somatic coach, and a 7 times best-selling author.

I'm also someone who experienced years of anxiety and overcame and healed through panic attacks, depression/PND & trauma. I know what it's like to live life in a consuming conversation with your inner critic & imposter syndrome. I now sit firmly in the drivers seat of my own life & help people to do the same.


Worthy is your opportunity to work with me to dismantle the beliefs, barriers and past wounds that unconsciously inform the way you show up in the world.

Worthy: a 2 class programme & series of integration challenges with me + BONUS somatic classes & meditation

Join us to lift the lid on your capped potential

You’ll find all the tools, tips & tricks you’ve been waiting for…

✔ We bring together both cognitive & mindset work with nervous system regulation and somatic practices - Many people have read the books and tried to change their thoughts but it doesn't stick. We dig deeper, work holistically & uncover unconscious patterns to re-wire brain & nervous system. 

✔ We break down the reflexive patterns that are keeping you stuck in self-doubt; not showing up fully & treating yourself & your body harshly & help you to move towards your potential in life, career & relationships.

✔ We'll build up your inner sense of compassion, empowerment, acceptance, peace, resilience and capacity so you ride the highs and lows of life with  a deep sense of trust in your own ability.


You’ll experience those ‘ah-ha’ moments & learn powerful ways to heal & lean into personal growth. All while connecting with a community of kind-hearted souls, because wellness is a journey that’s best travelled together.

Worthy is for the person ready to take action and receive no BS coaching for fast results and life changing break-throughs.

Programme Content

Here's what we'll be covering in our 2 session Worthy Programme

  • Inner Critic & Inner coach - uncover the unconcious ways your inner critic has been in the drivers seat and leaern approaches to take back your power

  • CBT approach - how your thoughts effect your emotions and behaviours

  • Limtiing beliefs: how to uncover them & re-write your story

  • Self-sabotage

  • Inner worth - connect with your innate worthiness

  • How to integrate a new self-view

  • Finding your voice

  • Assertiveness

  • How to stop outsourcing your worth & trust yourself

  • Mindful approach to tackle your inner critic

Integration Challenges Content

You will emabark on a week long journey after the 2 webinars of integration work and challenges to fast track your progress to a whole new self-view. You'll be tasked with 7 very special homework challenges:

  • How to overcome your negativity bias

  • How to break your patterns of negative body talk

  • Re-writing your life story

  • A tool to end comparison

  • Assertiveness challenges

  • Affirmation & mirror work

  • How to build self-love and forgiveness

  • Recognising your positive qualities



Bonus Content...

Inside your Worthy program you'll also get these bonus extras:

  • Body Love Somatic Workshop

  • Somatic Release class for finding & using your voice & connecting with your needs and intuition

Plus these guided meditations:

  • Letting go of the past

  • Self-forgiveness

  • Connecting with your intuition & healing ability

  • Parts work

  • Past-self healing

  • Nurturing parent

How it works







Immerse yourself in the 2 deep dive workshops and follow along in your Worthy booklet

Explore and experiment with a series of 10 integration challenges & videos

Expand even further with our bonus somatic classes & meditations

RB wide shot on bench.jpg

Live your life with self-compassion & confidence

You’re tired of feeling…

✘ Like you're stuck in a mindset rut

✘ Unhappy in your own skin

✘ Stuck in a cycle of imposter syndrome and critical inner thoughts

✘ Like you don't love your body or yourself

✘ Like you carry around your inner critic on your shoulder

✘ Fed up of self-sabotaging yourself

And you’re ready to feel…

✔︎ A release of limiting beliefs & old patterns 

✔︎ More self-love & compassion

✔︎ More grounded & regulated in your skin

✔︎ More connected to yourself & others

✔︎ Empowered, creative 

✔︎ Safe in your body

purple flower.png

Wanted to thank everyone and Becks for allowing such a safe place for all of us to share our thoughts and emotions. I have never felt so much at peace before. The change in me is evident to my loved ones. My close relationships have strengthened. I feel that I can manage my emotions instead of them controlling me. And I have Journey to Wellness and this group to thank for it.

Your self-development investment
$97NZD | $59USD

The Worthy Program is FREE for our members

We accept PayPal, Credit Card

or payments on a payment plan of 4 interest free payments with AfterPay

USD correct as of 03/01/24 - changes daily depending on current conversion rates.

  • Do I really get to access all the courses for $49nzd (roughly $29usd)?
    Yes! Because I wholeheartedly believe wellness should be accessible. Purchased individually our courses would cost $1522 - PLUS there is a library with even more masterclasses inside just for members that is not available for public purchase. Joining the Membership will give you access to all of the Journey to Wellness Courses. You’ll also have access to the monthly Release Class, monthly Masterclass, monthly Group Coaching, Members only Library & the private Facebook support group.
  • So, hold on… I pay HALF the price of 1 course & I get access to ALL of your courses?!
    Yes! I realise things like this often seem too good to be true. But not here - what you see is what you get. It’s my heartfelt mission to make mental health & wellness support relatable, accessible, digestible, affordable & a little bit fun. By staying true to my ethos, the community within the Membership grows & we can all come together (virtually) to learn from & continue to support each other.
  • Do I get access to Becks?
    You sure do! As a member you can join our Members Only Hub - a place where you can share, find support, community & connection. Ask for advice, share your wins & get guidance & navigation from Becks. If you join the Membership PLUS tier you'll access monthly group coaching where you can take the 'hot seat' (not as scary as it sounds, we promise!) and get personalised guidance & coaching. Our group calls are supportive, friendly, welcoming, gentle & compassionate.
  • Do I need to come to all classes each month?
    No. There’s never any pressure from me. Join what you can. The choice is yours. There are 3 opportunities to attend a live class each month (Group Coaching, Monthly Masterclass, Monthly Release Class) & all classes are recorded for you to watch when you’ve got the time & space.
  • What if I can’t make a live Group Coaching Session, Masterclass or Release Class?
    As a member you’ll have access to all recordings of all live classes. You will find the recordings in your members library.
  • What do we do during a Group Coaching session?
    During these coaching calls you are welcome to check in & seek support of life challenges. I’ll provide you with feedback & hot-seat coaching support. The membership community is incredibly supportive, but there’s never any pressure to take part if you feel more comfortable sitting back & listening.
  • Can I join at any time?
    No. I have limited enrolment periods so I can give my full attention to my members & ensure they feel welcomed & supported when they join the Journey to Wellness Membership. To be noticed as soon as the Membership opens again, please join the waitlist.
  • Can I join from anywhere in the world?
    Yes. While Journey to Wellness is based in Nelson, New Zealand - all membership content is online & I support members worldwide. Current members are from the UK to the US, Poland to Ireland, Australia to Canada & everywhere in between.
  • How does payment work?
    Membership is billed at $49 NZD per month, or you can pay a one-off annual investment into your wellness of $500. This will be converted to your currency. Your membership can be paid via credit card or Paypal.
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?
    I’ve worked hard to create a safe online space where members truly feel part of a connected wellness community & don’t often want to leave. But if you decide the membership isn’t for you, or your situation changes, you can cancel both your monthly membership or annual membership within 14 days of joining & get your money back - with absolutely zero pressure. Outside of the first 14 days after joining, for monthly memberships you can then cancel at any time - but you will see out the month from the date you joined. For annual memberships please contact hello@journeytowellness.online
  • Is the membership the same as therapy or medical advice?
    No. This membership is not a substitute for therapy or medical advice. When you sign-up to become a member, you agree to the following: Membership is for psychoeducational purposes only. Rebekah Ballagh is unable to provide 1:1 private support / coaching in group format. This membership is not suitable for those at high-risk or experiencing extreme mental distress or safety concerns.
  • What happens if you, the host, can’t make a live class?
    If Rebekah Ballagh can’t make a live class, as much notice as possible will be given & the call will be rescheduled in the same month (where practicable & possible).
Join Worthy

Important disclaimers

"Absolutely loved everything. After the first session I thought: "I've been given more tools in that one hour than I have in 1 year of 1 on 1 therapy!” 

- Participant Testimony

Worthy is for you if...

✔️ You're willing & ready to do things differently & make some changes in your life

✔️ You can put aside 2 hours on Feb 28th and March 3rd to join the group call live (or watch the replay) 

✔️ You can put aside a further 10-20 minutes per day to do the integration work

✔️ You feel you have the capacity to do some deep dives into your inner worth

Worthy is NOT suitable for you if...

𝙭 You're actively in trauma therapy/treatment or feel you could be triggered into major dysregulation

𝙭 You don't have the time to watch the calls or do the integration work

𝙭 You don't have access to a mobile phone to use Voxer for 1:1 coaching if you select the coaching option

When you sign up to Worthy you agree to the following:

  • This programme is not a substitute for therapy or medical advice & it is not intended to replace psycholigcal or medical advice. If you are currently working with a therapist or other health professional we recommend you speak with them about the programme and take advice from them around your capacity to join. This programme is not healthcare, mental health, or therapy services and does not involve diagnosis, assessment, mitigation, or treatment of any health condition, and you will not use this programme in place of your medical treatment.

  • Worthy is for psychoeducational purposes only.

  • You are fully responsible for your physical and mental wellbeing while you are participating in this programme, including for all of your choices and decisions that may arise from or otherwise relate to your participation in a this programme, and you expressly assume the risks of your participation.

  • Rebekah Ballagh is unable to provide any psychological assessments or diagnosis

  • This programme is not suitable for those at high-risk or experiencing extreme mental distress or safety concerns.

  • If Rebekah Ballagh cannot make a live Zoom call as much notice as possible will be given and the call with be rescheduled in the same month.

  • You are responsible for any information you share while participating in a this programme, including any health or other sensitive information, you provide such information voluntarily and understand that such information may not be protected under any law, and you have obtained all necessary consents if such information relates to any other person or individual.

  • You expressly acknowledge that Rebekah Ballagh, Journey to Wellness and any contractors or representatives are not liable for any physical, emotional, or financial loss of any kind that you may incur as a result of participating in this programme.

  • You will maintain the confidentiality of any information shared by any other User during your participation in a coaching call.

  • You will act in a courteous and respectful manner towards all Users participating in the coaching calls.

  • Notwithstanding anything in these Terms to the contrary, you waive and release Journey to Wellness, and its employees, directors, and officers, from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, you ever had, now have, or will have, arising from your past, present, or future participation in this programme, or any following courses and use of resources. If you do not agree to the foregoing terms, you will not participate in calls or courses. Journey to Wellness may terminate your participation in the programme, at any time, in its sole discretion, for any reason, including, if you violate these Terms of Use.

  • All Available Content and other aspects of the Site are protected by copyright and owned, controlled, or licensed by Journey to Wellness. You may not:

i. Sell, rent, lease, copy, reproduce, hyperlink, frame, republish, upload, post, modify, transmit, translate, encode, publicly display, or distribute in any way via any medium any Available Content or any other part of the Site without Journey to Wellness’ express prior written consent;

ii. Remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Available Content;

iii. Attempt to disable, bypass, modify, defeat, or otherwise circumvent any digital rights management or other content protection system used on or as part of the Site; or

iv. Use the Site for any commercial or illegal purpose.

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