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Embodied Healing Bundle

Save $372!

Created by Rebekah Ballagh...


The founder of Journey to Wellness - a 7 x best-selling author, qualified counsellor, mindfulness teacher and

somatic & nervous system regulation coach

embodied healing bundle mockup.png

"Your course literally changed my world."


Embark on an Embodied Journey to Nervous System Mastery...

An integrated bundle designed to guide you through an embodied exploration of nervous system regulation and emotional processing. This comprehensive collection includes expert-led courses on somatic practices, breathwork, mindfulness, grounding, and a deep dive into understanding the intricate pathways of the nervous system.

Dive into this transformative journey of courses & resources, harnessing the power of embodiment to cultivate resilience and build your toolkit of tools to process stuck trauma and emotions to find presence and mastery over your nervous system's responses.


Join us in navigating the symphony of your body and mind, unlocking pathways to resilience and holistic well-being.



Emotional Processing



Nervous System regulation


Trauma Release


Somatic Healing


You're sick of...

✘ Being stuck in a cycle of tension & somatic symptoms like bloating, headaches, fatigue, & brain fog

✘ Feeling hijacked by a frazzled & dysregulated nervous system

✘ Feeling like you're not fully present in your life

Your body feeling on-edge & tense 

Listening to 10 different solutions from 10 different people and nothing works! You've tried therapy, read all the books but you're still feeling stuck

✘ Being hypervigilant and noticing every pain and niggle in your body 

✘ The constant sense of rushing, racing & lack of presence in your life or...

✘ Feeling dissociated & stuck on autopilot

✘ Feeling like surely no one else feels or thinks like this.. there must be MORE to life

Our course participants and members tell us that they have spent thousands of dollars on therapy and gotten more from just one hour working with the techniques I teach in these programmes

This programme is especially designed to help you move into embodiment, healing & deeper levels of processing and resilience - somatic practices are often the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Let me show you the way...

The Embodied Healing Bundle includes 5 of our most comprehensive courses & a special resource pack valued at over $600NZD

Courses included in your bundle:

Soma & Soul

Value: $86usd | $147nzd

Somatic practices for emotional processing, trauma & stress release.

Rebekah Ballagh

Get Grounded

Value: $56usd | $97nzd

Bite-Sized Mindfulness practices for daily presence 


Breathe Easy

Value: $56usd | $97nzd

14 days of powerful breath work practices to retrain dysfunctional breathing & find your calm


Nervous System Deep Dive

Value: $56usd | $97nzd

Understand your threat states & learn science backed practical techniques to improve your vagal tone & nervous system capacity

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Journey to Journaling

Value: $11usd | $19nzd

7 Day Journaling journey to unpack and discover a world of personal insights and revelations.

Your work has literally changed my life.  I want you to know that. Your somatic work and anxiety and grounding practices have saved me through sleepless nights, pain-filled days, and uncertainty. So thank you.” - Kesa

Bundle includes video workshops, guided audio meditations & oodles of resource downloads to cover all learning styles

Mindfulness Cards (valued at $16)
Bite-Sized Calm cards (Valued at $22)
 Journaling Guide (valued at $22) 
Nervous System State cards (valued at $7) Feelings Cards (valued at $7.95)
and a selection of poster resources (valued at over $25)
(Note these are digital downloads)
Total Bundle value = over $600NZD ($369USD*)

Yours for $247NZD ($152USD*)

You save $372NZD!

Once purchased you will be able to join the above courses for free! And you'll have instant access to download your digital resources.

*USD prices correct as at 06/12/23 - USD prices fluctuate with current currency exchange rates. For most up-to-date rates please use your currency converter t convert $400NZD to your local currency.

"From the moment I joined the course I started changing my life to be more present, mindful and be the calmer version me!" 

"I have felt so much comfort in what i heard and read. So thank you."

"All the therapists I have talked to and no one has ever explained or understood what is happening to me so well. Thank you for this"

Meet your embodiment guide...

Hi, I'm Becks - Nice to e-meet you! 

I'm a qualified counsellor, trained mindfulness teacher and somatic & nervous system regulation coach. I have over 15 years experience working in mental health and I've travelled my own journey with anxiety, panic attacks, trauma and a dysregulated nervous system.

I combine cognitive methods with somatic therapies to bring you a powerful and potent blend of tools to help you move from surviving to thriving. 


over the years as I tried to overcome my anxiety & panic, regulate my nervous system, process trauma and stuck emotions and find more capacity for peace I found that something was missing. The 'top down' approach of intellectualising everything had me STUCK.  I found the missing piece of the puzzle in my journey to healing was somatic and nervous system work.

I give you the tools that have supported me to overcome my own challenges - to free myself from panic, anxiety, depression & a dysregulated nervous system. The same tools that now support hundreds of people, worldwide, within this life-changing Membership.


"Becks, you are incredibly talented at explaining complex ideas in a very straightforward, intuitive way that makes sense to me immediately. I love how you get right to the heart of things & reveal the essence of concepts so clearly & concisely." - privacy requested

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  • Embodied Healing Bundle

    Embark on an Embodied Journey to Nervous System Mastery
    • Soma & Soul Programme
    • Get Grounded Programme
    • Breathe Easy Programme
    • Nervous System Deep Dive
    • Journey to Journaling Course
    • Digital Resource pack - cards, posters & more
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