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12 Months - 12 Wellness Habits - J A N U A R Y


Happy New Year all! Welcome to January! The focus this month is on the breath Did you know that deep belly breathing is one of your direct links to activating your parasympathetic nervous system? This part of your autonomic nervous system is responsible for ‘reset, digest and restore’. It works to balance out the stress response and ‘calm down’ the sympathetic nervous system. How are we going to set this months habit?

  • Set yourself the intention to practice breath work each day this month.

  • Make that intention achievable by setting a realistic amount of time you will practice for. I will be setting myself between 2-5 minutes, as any more than this and I know I won’t stick to it. This way I know on days where I have the capacity I can do 5 minutes, or even more. On days where its all hectic and I’ve climbed into bed and suddenly remembered that I haven't done my breath work, I can simply roll onto my back and spend 2 minutes breathing deeply into my belly before going to sleep.

  • Keep a calendar where you mark off each day you complete (I recommend my 12 Months 12 Wellness Habits calendar and tracker, as each months focus is already laid out for you)

  • You might like to set a reminder on your phone each evening to prompt you in case you forget your daily practice

Check out the discounted resource below, The Breathing Toolbox, to further support you in building this new habit! Remember - setting new habits will take practice and repetition. It’s okay if it doesn’t come naturally. If you miss a day, do NOT beat yourself up. Life happens. You can use this as a learning experience to ask yourself what got in the way, as your answers here are likely the things that get in the way of other things in your life. Good luck this month! And stay tuned... I’ll be posting up a podcast episode with a guided breathing practice for you to check out. I’ll also be sharing stories and insta posts related to breathing throughout the month of January. I also encourage you to share your experience and progress on your instagram - tag me @journey_to_wellness_ and use the hashtag #12months12wellnesshabits We are a community! Lets do this together! Not sure what breath work to try this month? Unsure how to create a breathing practice? Grab the breathing toolbox - my mini e-book with 13 different breathing practices to try. It's 25% off this month to support your January habit! Use the code 12months12habits at checkout

Grab this resource with the code "12months12habits" in my website store for 25% off in the month of January!

If you would like the 12 months 12 habits wellness planner and tracker below - head to my shop page and nab it for yourself :)

Love Becks from Journey to Wellness

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