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From Freeze to Freedom Online Course

It's time to get out of the funk & find your groove again.

In this course you'll learn how to transform feeling stuck, down, flat and unmotivated into feeling calm, regulated and connected. Bust your belief blocks, come back to your body & kick self-sabotage to the curb.

Image by Daniel Hering

What is a freeze response? And am i in one?! 

Freeze is also known as the dorsal vagal state of your nervous system.

In a freeze response you might feel overloaded, overwhelmed, burnt out, fatigued, drained, depressed, unmotivated, stuck, flat...

You might also notice you swing between feeling like this and then feeling keyed up, stressed, anxious and on-edge. Often we end up in a freeze response because we've been through chronic stress, anxiety or trauma in our past and our system gets tired from carrying such a heavy load.

This isn't your fault. Your threat system is trying to keep you safe. But instead you're feeling like you're loosing yourself and your joy. 

If you're noticing...

- low mood

- lack of joy and motivation

- a feeling of disconnect from the present moment or your body

- you're procrastinating more

- you're finding it hard to get going; you don't want to get out of bed, get out of your car when you get home or get dressed after the shower

- somatic symptoms like brain fog, tummy issues, headaches, fatigue...

Then this course is just what you need.

In this course you will learn...

  • What's really going on in your nervous system

  • Why sometimes you feel wired and tired and other times you feel totally numb and unable to move

  • How to identify and overcome the thoughts and limiting beliefs that accompany low mood, shame, and the freeze response

  • Practical, efficient strategies to release & process the freeze response

  • How to regulate your nervous system with mind and body practices

  • Practical tools to tackle procrastination & low motivation

  • How somatic release and mindful moments can help reset your nervous system

  • Ways to stop dissociation

And you will get...

  • 2 hour 15 minute deep dive masterclass - video and slide deck

  • Poster Resources - somatic vocabulary resource + more

  • Journal Prompts

  • Guided Audio meditations - a handful of powerful meditations

  • Bonus Release class with 35 minute guided somatic practice - move out of freeze using these somatic/ body based practices

It's time to get unstuck

I can teach you the tools to move out of feeling stuck, low, down and unmotivated to feeling connection and compassion in your life again. 

What if you could feel...

  • Free of those pesky negative thought spirals 

  • Like you had tools to put procrastination behind you

  • Glimmers of happiness again... or even the full experience of joy and contentment

  • Alive and safe in your body again

  • Connected to feelings of energy, movement, motivation and self-compassion

Let's explore the tools you need to get there in this course.

Meet your Journey to Wellness Online Coach

Oh hi there, nice to e-meet you! I’m Rebekah Ballagh.


But you can call me Becks.

I’m a qualified counsellor, wellness & somatic coach, mental health advocate, best-selling author / illustrator & yin yoga teacher

I founded Journey to Wellness to redefine the mental health & wellness space


I’m on a mission to remove the barriers that prevent people from working on their mental health. I want to see a world where people prioritise their wellness & get the support they deserve.


So I set out on a path to simplify thousands of support methods & created my own resources by illustrating therapy tips & counselling concepts that are relatable, colourful, digestible & accessible. But most importantly, I’ve created trustworthy tools that actually work. Tools that have supported me to overcome my own challenges - to free myself from panic, anxiety, depression & a dysregulated nervous system. The same tools that now support hundreds of people, worldwide, within this life-changing Membership.


Journey to Wellness is a safe place where you are seen, heard, accepted & respected. A nurturing community where mental health support & wellness is relatable, accessible, digestible, affordable & a little bit fun.


"Just wanted to say thank you for the sessions you've done recently around freeze. I only recently realised how much of a chronic / reflexive freeze I'd been living in after childhood trauma (22y ago!). 
I haven't been willing before now to try any somatic stuff, because it felt too scary. But I found I was able to do almost everything in your guided practice. I have really appreciated the mix of thinking learning, with the somatic experiencing. 
So, thank you for what you do."

"Wow … that was a wonderful class … so much information … & presented so clearly…. thank you." 

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Membership is where you'll find coaching, community & support on your journey.


Over 20 online courses, 2 monthly classes, monthly coaching & a library of tools at your fingertips - consciously created to shift you from surviving to thriving.

This is the place, your space to connect with a community of kind-hearted souls & discover all the tools you need to learn to reclaim your mental health, lean into a lifelong love of personal growth & development, & live with wellness.

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