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Start off 2024 with a road map of nourishing and supportive practices for your mental health and wellbeing.

(Or join in anytime and continue the months you missed into the following year)

2024 full year Calendar and Wellness Habit Tracker
This interactive tool builds 12 new wellbeing habits into your year to support your mental health and wellbeing.
Each new month brings a new habit focus where you will set goals and intentions and track your progress.

In this instant digital download you will receive 15 colourful printable pages.

Here are the wellness goals you will focus on:

  • JAN - Breathing 
  • FEB - Somatic Practice  
  • MAR - Meditation
  • APR - Intentional screen time 
  • MAY - Movement
  • JUN - Fun
  • JUL - Discovery
  • AUG - Sleep
  • SEP - Gratitude 
  • OCT - Mindfulness
  • NOV - Boundaries 
  • DEC - Nourish

You'll also receive a reflection page for the end of your habit journey.


  • There is a bonus community Facebook Page you can join for support, community, connection and accountality. Discuss the months theme & share your wins & Challenges
  • You'll also recieve a BONUS 1 hour 40 minute Habit Hacker masterclass to help you break down barriers to implementing new habits (and breaking up with old ones) and learn strategies to sticking to new habits & goals - valued at $29


"The calendar is BEAUTIFUL and its contents are super valuable. I've been in full overwhelm for a while now, and having this tool as a bitesized way to add more somatic/mindfulness goodness into my life is a game changer. Thank you so so so so much."


2024 - Wellness Habits Calendar - 12 months 12 habits


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