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The Morning Anxiety Kit


This 22 page e-book is your go to guide to managing your morning anxiety!


Inside you'll find:

- Information to help you understand morning anxiety 

- What's going wrong in your current ritual/routine that is adding to your anxiety plus

- How to structure your morning for less anxiety

- Heaps of tips & Tricks to implement into your life today

- A helpful guide to Worry & Rumination, including tools to manage your worry

- A section to help you understand Unhelpful Thinking Styles

- Morning Anxiety Flow Chart; the perfect step by step chart to help inform how you can manage your anxiety

- The Worry Diary tool

- A lovely morning Breathing Technique 

- Morning Mantras & Affirmations 

- Intention setting; how this can help and a template/planner for your to-do list and your weekly day by day intentions

- How Acceptance can help overcome anxiety

- 3 powerful Grounding techniques to start your morning off right



Many people experience morning anxiety, often overcome by physical sensations or thrown off by the worries and unhelpful thoughts stuck on repeat. 


This mini e-book is a fabulous self-help strategy or a great addition to your toolbox as a counsellor, therapist or teacher - Your clients/students will love it!

The Morning Anxiety Kit


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