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The Anxiety Toolbox is a beautifully designed and illustrated E-Book to help you kick your anxiety in the butt!

It is jam-packed full of tools, tips, tricks and information to help you better understand and manage your anxiety.
It's the perfect toolkit for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress or worry.
It is also a fantastic resource for anyone working with people who are battling anxiety - Great for counsellors, therapists, teachers, parents and coaches.

This book is super interactive, easy to understand and will reall help you unpack an dive deep. It is suitable and can be adapted to any age group.

You will find lots of printable posters, tools, cartoons and worksheets inside.
You can read and work right on your device, or take it to your local print shop!

The Anxiety Toolbox


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  • This e-book does not substitute therapy and is not intended to replace medical advice. It is not for commercial use or reproduction. 

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