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We're making Mental Health help accessible, digestible and affordable

Explore my courses, coaching & resources below. There are training programmes  for therapists, coaches and teachers too! 


Anxiety Toolbox Course

Learn proven techniques to help you manage your anxiety & tackle panic attacks. Modules, videos, worksheets, readings - it's all here! Like a year of therapy packed into 1 course!

  • Manage your worries

  • Overcome fears

  • Understand your mind

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Re-wire your brain

  • Mindfulness, breathing, relaxation tools

30 Day Grounding & Mindfulness Course

Online, 30 day course.

A guided deep-dive into mindfulness and grounding exercises.

  •  Learn the perfect bite sized tools to fit into your busy day 

  • Calm and declutter your mind

  • Lower stress & anxiety

  • Improve mood & focus

  • Manage overwhelm

7 Day Guided Journaling

Dive into one week of guided journaling for your mental health


  • Explore your limitations

  • Uncover your strengths

  • Unpack your emotions and values.


Get ready for some 'ah-ha!' moments!

Intrusive Thoughts

70 min webinar + e-book​

  • What are intrusive thoughts really? Discover this & why you are having them

  • Why your brain gets stuck ruminating on thoughts

  • Why the techniques you're trying aren't working

  • Tools to help you overcome your intrusive thoughts

Panic to Peace

​1 hour 50 webinar + guided meditation.

  • Discover technique to mange panic attacks

  • Understand why you are having panic attacks

  • Discover the panic cycle and how you keep anxiety in your life

  • Learn grounding tools to calm you in the moment


My Gift to You 
A FREE Grounding and Mindfulness e-book

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My passion is making mental health support accessible and digestible; and what better way to do that than by gifting you a beautiful e-book?

In my Mindfulness and Grounding e-book you'll get a full introduction to the topic and then some simple and beautiful practices and tools to introduce this into your life in bite-sized and manageable ways. This e-book will help you come into the present to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm and lift your mood.

Enjoy. x

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5 week course to master your anxiety, tackle your worries and soothe your nervous system - starts July 30th

live online for those in the helping professions & 

Anxiety Toolbox

 Everything you need to help your clients with their anxiety & stress. 

Learn how to run a 5 week anxiety course for YOUR clients in a group or 1:1 OR use the provided materials with your clients whenever you need some resources to draw on!

Comes with a facilitator manual and a beautifully illustrated resource pack/worksheets for clients. Expand your knowledge & your toolkit!

I'll help you adapt all material to your business to suit YOU!


Be guided through a huge toolbox of tried and tested techniques and interventions to boost your clients self-worth.

This course will equip you with proven tools and techniques to help your clients manage self-doubt, low confidence, self-esteem and body issues & more.

This  training comes complete with facilitator manual and a beautiful workbook/worksheets for you to use with your clients.

Grounding & Mindfulness

Learn all about mindfulness & grounding, how and why they help & how to delivery tools to your clients! In this experiential workshop you will learn how to practice various grounding & mindfulness techniques & to teach those to clients.

A great one for counsellors or teachers to use too!

Complete with beautifully illustrated Mindfulness Cards to handout to clients. You'll have everything you need to hit the ground running & implement mindfulness with your clients/students.

Calm kids

Facilitator training for parents & primary/ECE teachers. A dive into all things emotional regulation!

Learn how to:

- Set up a Calm Corner and use the Calm Kit

- Establish a mindful classroom/home using bite-sized mindful practices

- Use co-regulation

- Understand anxiety and distress in your littlies and how it presents

- Teach children how to identify emotions

- Implement distress tolerance tools for calm kids.

Includes all the colourful resources and worksheets you could possibly need!


About Me

Hi! I'm Rebekah Ballagh, but you can call me Becks.

I'm the creator of Journey to Wellness; with over 350,000 people following along in the Instagram community.

I'm a qualified counsellor, mindfulness and personal development coach and published 4x best-selling author & illustrator.

I'm also a mama, a wife, and someone who has faced anxiety, panic attacks and depression myself.

I've worked with hundreds (maybe thousands now..!) of clients to help them better manage their mental health and I have developed courses and tools out of all of the things that work the best - straight from the therapy room to you!

I'm passionate about making mental health tools & therapy concepts accessible, digestible and affordable... oh, and just a little bit fun! 

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"I can't thank you enough. I am so amazed and blessed to have come across your work. THANK YOU xxx"

"Your work REALLY helps ground me & made me feel less crazy and like i was actually OKAY for once, since the attacks started about 2 months ago. It sounds dramatic but you save us. You make it easier for us to understand and accept what we are dealing with, and give us hope to fight it, and that's what we all need in the tough times."

"You will never know how much I needed to hear this. One of my favs on insta for healing inspirations."

"This is one of the best things I have ever spent money on. 

I genuinely believe that this course will change my life and my relationship with myself for the better. "

"Totally worth it. Have been raving about it to others"

"Thank you for putting together such a wonderful course. You've given so many concrete tools that I'm excited to use."

"I always feel like you take these abstract psychological concepts/tools/methods and just reframe them in a surprising way which makes them so much more accessible and less intimidating. You really have a gift."

"Thank you for existing. Reading all your posts has helped ground me at this anxious moment I'm having. I just wanted to express my gratitude."

"I feel hopeful. Like I'm releasing myself from a prison I built."

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